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Dear Friend,

At ChinaSprout we are starting the New Year with some mischief, as we roll out our brand new website — just in time to celebrate the start of the Year of the Monkey! With the launch of our completely fresh design, we are able to bring you new and exciting features such as product searches based on age and theme, newly organized categories of items, and a bright and clean look.  Click here to read as why all this monkey activity started, and how much energy it took!

Xiaoning & the ChinaSprout Team

The Year of the Monkey

Mark your calendars now and prepare to usher in the “Year of the Monkey” on January 22, 2004. Known for its mischievous, yet loyal personality, the monkey is full of boundless energy and activity certain to liven up the coming year. There is still time to order decorations and fun items designed to bring excitement to your holiday celebration. Need suggestions for authentic recipes, stories, traditions and more? We have it all available on our New Year page to help you celebrate the holiday as millions of Chinese families do around the globe. And don’t forget to send one of our FREE e-cards to your friends!

FREE Hand-Painted Year of the Monkey Glass Ornament

Receive a FREE Hand-Painted Glass Ornament of the Monkey, a great decoration for the Year of the Monkey, with a $25.00 minimum purchase between 01/13/04 and 01/26/04! Simply enter this special coupon code: 1073951730 while on the shopping cart page, then hit 'Recalculate' and your FREE gift will be added to your cart!

Check out our Chinese New Year page and shop for the New Year celebration products now!

New Products

Year of the Monkey Good Luck Wall Hanging

12 Assorted Large Red Envelopes

Love Sterling Silver and Jade Pendant

Set of 6 Greeting Children Lanterns


Chinese New Year Products…

What fun would it be to celebrate the Year of the Monkey if we didn’t have some new products to share with you?  Choose from adorable Cloisonné monkey ornaments, wall-hangings to bring your family and friend’s wealth and good luck in the coming year, colorful festive lanterns and so much more. Check them out!


Accessories for Ladies

Jewelry is the perfect gift for nearly every occasion and we have just received some stunning pieces in gold, silver, obsidian and jade. Ladies are going to love them! For hostess gifts we have pretty chopstick holder gift sets as well! And don't forget to check out the hand-made journals made from ecologically friendly paper. They are sure to inspire awe!


Accessories for Kids

The ever-popular Pucca is back again with a coin purse and a stunning wallet.  Also check out the set of encouraging stickers for children, a Chinese beads set and another addition to our Barbie's clothes selection! 



Check out the latest books to hit our shelves and gain a new perspective on life and learning. We have a new addition to our bilingual Dr. Seuss series. We also bring you two important titles to enhance your learning of Chinese and Chinese characters, and the delightful adventure of a butterfly’s dream in picture book form that children will love. Come and see!


Music and VCDs

Add to your music collection with wonderful selections of Chinese classic music with a contemporary twist, folk music for celebrating, and lullabies for soothing our listeners young and old when the party is done. In VCD’s your family can enjoy watching and even trying dozens of minority dance routines and learn Chinese characters through stories and rhyme. Come and have a listen!


Popular Products Back in Stock

Our shelves are full again, with all the clothes, arts & crafts, clothing, books, accessories and other products you’ve been craving!


ChinaSprout Outlet …

We have more items on sale than ever before, including 2004 calendars. Check out the outlet pages for great deals.

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China in the News

Art is the theme in this week's news offerings.  Read about a collector's unique treasure and the latest Monkey King stamp issued by Canada.

A Collector Following the Thread of the Chinese Imperial Court


While the collection of Chinese porcelain and art have been popular for many years, one collector showcases her private collection of imperial robes and jewelry once worn by Chinese royalty and court officials.

Get the whole story here

Mischievous Monkey King debuts on Canadian Postage Stamp

CBC News Online

Beautifully detailed artwork of the Monkey King by Canadian illustrator Anita Kunz graces Canada’s new Lunar New Year Stamp issued for 2004 and is sure to be a hit among collectors and lovers of Chinese literature alike.

Get the whole story here

Chinese Wisdom of the Week

"The whole year’s work depends on good planning in the spring, and the whole day’s work depends on good planning in the morning." - From 100 Pearls of Chinese Wisdom.

That’s the news for this week. Come and browse through the new ChinaSprout website and give us your feedback by dropping us a line. Your opinion matters to us as we continue to work hard to bring you the best Chinese products and services available.

Your Friends,

The ChinaSprout Team

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