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Dear Friend,

It is not quite spring, but at ChinaSprout we are sweeping through our inventory to offer you some fabulous deals as we make ready to move to new and bigger surroundings.   The new space will enable us to stock even more beautiful merchandise you are sure to love.  With your loyal support, we are growing—again!

The ChinaSprout Team

Grab Bag Surprises

Great discounts and items by the bunch are waiting for you during our special $10 Grab Bag Sale! Each bag contains 3-5 exciting items carefully chosen from a mix of books, clothes, accessories, CDs, arts & crafts products and other goodies.  Each bag contains items which are valued up to $100! Don’t miss this opportunity to get these items at incredible prices. Place your order today before our grab bag supply disappears.  Since clothes are part of the bags, please choose your size on the order page and also indicate if you want the bag for men, women, boys or girls in the ordering instructions. The other items in the bag will be included according to the age group you specify. Please note that if no instructions are provided, we will just send a miscellaneous selection. The grab bags are non-returnable, available only while supplies last and are limited to one grab bag per customer only.

Moving Sale-ebration

As we get ready for our big move, we have slashed prices in every section of our inventory. The ChinaSprout Outlet contains clothes for both children and adults, as well as a collection of many other items.  Here you can find discounts of up to and as much as a whopping 75%!  Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity and check out the outlet today: 

Sales: Kids Apparel
Sales: Women's Apparel
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Sales: Arts & Crafts
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Valentine’s Day Page

Valentine’s Day is this weekend and to celebrate we have prepared a special page filled with both fun and beautiful items perfect for giving to that special someone in your life. Come and see all of our lovely favorites!  You will find jewelry, cards, clothing, home decor items, calligraphy and lots more!



New Products

 Hand-Painted Butterfly Silk Scarf

Silver Pendant – Longevity

  New Practical Chinese Reader Textbook 1

Bamboo Velvet and Silk Reversible Jackets 


Elegant Silk Scarves…

We have some of the finest 100% silk scarves in stock now.  Take your pick, each scarf is beautiful, elegant and practical.  Choose from hand-painted silk scarves, Chinese character scarves and butterfly scarves:


Jewelry & More…

Our newest selections include a jade bracelet, CinnaBar pendants, Asiatica Wood & Silver pendants, earrings and a sterling silver pendant.  Also check out the bamboo velvet and silk reversible jacket for women, the Monkey King wallet and the Small Butterfly accessories for kids.  


Books about Culture and Literature…

Choose from a collection of writer Deng Youmei’s classic works about Chinese modern life, a compilation of Chinese festivals, customs and symbols and a charming family story of celebrating Chinese New Year. Have a look:


Language Learning Books

Advanced Chinese language learners and their teachers will find our newest additions to be a treasure trove of learning knowledge with subjects related to Chinese cultural interpretations, Chinese thought, modern Chinese issues, practical language applications, and more. Stock up today for your reading and learning pleasure.


Music & Dance on VCD & CD

The whole family will enjoy singing, dancing and listening to our newest selections including bilingual children’s songs, a collection of festival dances performed by children, and the lyrical folk songs of the Mongolian grasslands. Choose one or more today. 


Popular Products Back in Stock

By popular demand, some of our best products are back in stock once more!  Check out all the new jewelry, books, videos, home decor items and CD-ROMS before they sell out again:


Yue-Sai WaWa on Sale!

Check out select Yue-Sai WaWa dolls on sale! Take advantage of this offer to add to your Yue-Sai Collection.

and many more here.  Don't forget to check them all out today!


2004 Calendars on Sale!

Our ever-popular calendars are now on sale! Get your From China With Love Calendars, the Jinshan Painting Calendars and the Monkey King Chinese Knotting Calendar.  Unique and authentic, they are sure to make beautiful decorations for your home.


China in the News

This week’s featured news items focus on the arts in China and the Monkey King Exhibition right here in New York. From a new film about China’s “Father of Literature” – Lu Xun, to a global search for the Monkey King, and the body as a natural art canvas, we hope you will find these stories of interest to you:

Making Monkeys of Us All

Read the New York Times account of the fascinating folk tale and read an introduction of the superhero.  The article goes on to describe the ongoing Monkey King Exhibition at the Children's Museum of Manhattan proudly sponsored by ChinaSprout. 
Get the whole story here

Lu Xun Film Set to Shoot

Famous for many novels including “The True Story of Ah Q”, China’s “Father of Literature”- Lu Xun will finally have a film made in his honor this spring.

Get the whole story here

Monkey King Role Goes Global

Interested in playing the role of the Monkey King? After auditioning more than 1,000 actors, the search for the next Monkey King goes abroad.

Get the whole story here

More people prefer dining at home on Lunar New Year's Eve as tradition stages comeback


A cozy atmosphere, good food, and the company of family tugs at Chinese heartstrings.

Get the whole story here

Chinese Wisdom of the Week

"It is as impossible to find a perfect man as it is to find 100 percent pure gold." - From 100 Pearls of Chinese Wisdom.

This proverb cautions us that it is foolish to demand perfection. What we should do is concentrate on developing our merits and overcoming our shortcomings.

That’s all the news for this edition of our newsletter. We look forward to bringing you an ever-growing selection of products as we get ready to move into our spacious new surroundings. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our fantastic sale prices and grab bag surprises to ensure we have your favorites in stock.


Your Friends,

The ChinaSprout Team

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