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Dear Friend,

The first signs of spring are in the air—longer days, birds singing, the blossoming of cherry trees, and spring cleaning! As we continue our move into our spacious new surroundings, we have some outstanding specials to share with you.

The ChinaSprout Team

Moving Sale Continues

Our Grab bag sale has received such a great response, we are already sold out of children's clothes, but don’t worry, we still have tons of great items including books, music, arts & crafts, accessories, and more. If you purchase $25 or more, you can enjoy this grab bag sale! Place your order today before our grab bag supply disappears.  The grab bags are non-returnable, available only while supplies last and are limited to one grab bag per customer only.  If your order total is less than $25, the grab bag will not be shipped.

Warehouse Moving Sale

Greater New York area families are invited to come by in person to shop for great bargains and the latest additions. Here are the details: 

When: When: 10:00am - 5:00pm from February 24th to 27th, 2004

What: Clothes for children and adults, books, arts & crafts, and a collection of many other items at discounts up to 75%! Lots of FREE products to give away too!

Where: ChinaSprout, 169th 54th Street, Suite #10 (between 1st & 2nd Ave.), Brooklyn, NY 11220. Click here for directions

 Here you can find discounts of up to and as much as a whopping 75%!  Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity and check out the outlet today: 

Sales: Kids Apparel
Sales: Women's Apparel
Sales: Accessories
Sales: Arts & Crafts
Sales: Books
Sales: Home Decor
Sales: Toys
Sales: Music
Sales: Video

New Products

 Cotton Double Happiness Mandarin Dress

Blossom and Bamboo Mandarin Dress for Adults

  Dragon Brocade Tote Bags

Embroidered Silk Table Sets


Clothes for Children…

Fresh looks for children are arriving just in time for spring. Styles include stunning dresses and blouses, darling baby pajamas and accessories, robes and pajamas for children of all ages. Choose your favorite today:


Clothes for Adults…

Our newest selections include Mandarin Dresses, robes and a blouse.  Each one crafted in authentic Asian style, none of these items can be missed!  


Fashion Accessories…

New arrivals in fashion accessories include Jewelry in jade, sterling silver and gold, silk take-out handbags and totebags. You will be ready for any ocassion. Take a look:


Other Accessories…

Stock up today on gorgeous wrapping paper in patterns you won’t find in any store – we guarantee your packages will receive many compliments- China magnet map for classroom or home use, and brightly colored peacock dancing fans are as unique as those wrapping paper. Don’t wait, these items will go quickly.


Kids' Toys…

Gather the kids around the computer and browse through some awesome treasures. From a  trendy new soft body fashion doll, Chinese character practice set and clay girl accessories, to plush monkeys, a lion dancer action toy, and Monkey King items including an action toy, kite and balloons, your kids will be thrilled. And don’t miss our fabulous wooden toys including a train calendar, number and math skills center, zodiac maze, and learning center. Perfect for birthdays, excellent school performance, or “just because” your child will love them all. 


Home Décor…

Thinking about getting a new look for your home? Start here with some very elegant silk items perfect for decorating nearly every room in your house. Choose from stunning table runners in an array of patterns, gorgeous table sets with placemats, chopsticks and napkins, and a rainbow of cushion covers in gorgeous colors and designs. Spring Weddings and graduations are coming soon... So stock up today! 



Chinese art is known around the world for its vibrant colors, delicate lines, and vibrant beauty—qualities you will find in each one of these paintings. Notice the rich heirloom quality oil paintings that will add a touch of elegance to your home or office, panda scrolls so popular with every age, and bright folk paintings of a clay doll or flowered parasols. These are a “must see” and a "must have!" 


Music CD’s…

A variety of music selections have been specially chosen for you, including soft music for relaxing, contemporary pop, a contemporary twist on some Chinese classics, and entertaining dialogue. Have a listen and take one home today. 


VCDs & DVDs…

Experience Chinese culture and history and be entertained at the same time. Choose from the 2004 Chinese New Year Gala that everyone in China loves to watch, musical performances by the famous 12 Girls Band, Kung Fu demonstrations, and the historical adventures of the Three Kingdoms and Journey to the West. Kids would love to see Big Bird in China, now available in DVD format by popular demand. You won’t want to miss these.. 


Learn Chinese Language…

Students of the Chinese language will be thrilled to have these latest textbooks to enhance their learning. Choose from Chinese Made Easy or a New Text for a Modern China and gain insight into contemporary Chinese society while increasing your comprehension, reading, and speaking skills.  Take a look. 


Popular Products Back in Stock

By popular demand, some of our best products are back in stock once more!  Check out all the new jewelry, books, videos, home decor items and CD-ROMS before they sell out again:


Yue-Sai WaWa on Sale!

Check out select Yue-Sai WaWa dolls on sale! Take advantage of this offer to add to your Yue-Sai Collection.

and many more here.  Don't forget to check them all out today!


2004 Calendars on Sale!

Our ever-popular calendars are now on sale up to 60%! Get your the Jinshan Painting Calendars, the Monkey King Chinese Knotting Calendar, and more.  Unique and authentic, they are sure to make beautiful decorations for your home.


China in the News

This week’s news focuses on sports, space, and the hottest trend in China—coffee!

American coach to lead China’s Olympic basketball team
By Art Garcia (Dallas Star-Telegram)
American NBA coach Del Harris takes on role of coach for China’s basketball team for the Athens Olympics with an eye on the 2008 Beijing games. 
Get the whole story here

Hot cup, hot trend

The number of coffee drinkers in China is on the rise, even in middle schools!

Get the whole story here

Second stage of China’s space race to take place in 2005
(People’s Daily)
Sending two Chinese astronauts into orbit in 2005 will precede building and launch of orbiting space station.

Get the whole story here

Chinese Wisdom of the Week

"Raking the hay and catching the rabbit—with no extra trouble." - From 100 Chinese Two-Part Allegorical Sayings.

Since rabbits usually hide themselves in thick grass or hay, when one is raking hay, he may easily catch a rabbit; meaning that while doing something, one can conveniently accomplish something else without extra effort.

As we close this issue of the newsletter, we invite you to put our wisdom of the week into practice to save you time and energy.  With spring and spring cleaning on the horizon, all of us can make use of this wisdom! 


Your Friends,

The ChinaSprout Team

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