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Dear Friend,

Summer is a time when young sprouts blossom into full bloom. It is fitting, then, that ChinaSprout was launched in this prodigious season. On June 20th, ChinaSprout celebrated its 5th anniversary. It's amazing how much we have grown and accomplished within 5 short years. We appreciate that our success stems from our loyal customers and newsletter subscribers.  So, let's celebrate! We have some wonderful new products and are launching our Annual Summer Clearance Sale.  As a way to say "thanks" for your support in our continued growth and success, we are offering two free gift items.

Celebrate ChinaSprout's 5th Anniversary !

ChinaSprout's 5th AnniversaryAt its inception, ChinaSprout was created to satisfy the increasing demand, among families who had adopted children from China, for resources to both teach and learn about Chinese culture. Within a year, ChinaSprout had taken root and bloomed into a solid business. Upon celebrating its first anniversary, it became clear that ChinaSprout was needed to fulfill the needs of a much broader virtual community. This community included not only adoptive families, but also newly immigrated Chinese, Chinese-American, and bi-cultural/racial families. It seemed that all these families had two things in common:  the need for easily accessible, high-quality products to teach their children about their fascinating Chinese heritage and the language of their ancestors. And so, ChinaSprout continues to expand its product line and services to include all families and anyone with connections to China.


10% off for ChinaSprout's Produced Video/Audio/Books/Cards


To celebrate our 5th anniversary, we are offering 10% off all of ChinaSprout's self-produced media products. These popular products include "Ni Hao Little Friends" videos, CDs, and workbooks, as well as other great ChinaSprout audio, books and greeting cards. This special offer is valid through July 30, 2004.


FREE Candle and FREE Embroidery Fish Ornament  


For a limited time, get a free Feng Shui candle when you order $50 or more, or receive a free embroidered ornament when your order totals $25 or more. Just add the candle of your choice or embroidered ornament to your shopping cart and enter in coupon code 1088344460 or 1088344362 in the coupon box at check-out This offer is good while supplies last.



Save up to 65% with our Annual Summer Sale

Batik Sleeveless Mandarin Suits w/Capri Pants


It's that time of year again to stock up on wonderful products from ChinaSprout. Now you can enjoy a savings of up to 65% on cool items for the hot summer months. Check out our Annual Summer Sale where you will find a great selection of summer Apparel & Accessories for everyone, as well as Books, Home Decor, Arts and Crafts, Toys and Music .....



Featured NEW Products

Kim Doll
Kim Doll
 Mother & Daughter Joined By the Heart Bracelet


Our latest jewelry additions are filled with sweet sentiments. Show someone that you care by giving them a ChinaSprout bracelet or pendant, which contain special wishes and heart-felt thoughts. Also check out our Tibetan earrings, which are delightful pieces made of colorful stone and sterling silver.

 Chinese Blossom and Bird

Home Decor...

Tianjin folk paintings reflect everyday life in Chinese villages. Our recent shipment includes bright and festive paintings with subjects ranging from the hustle and bustle of the village market to a quiet walk amongst blooming Cherry Blossom trees. If you like Cherry Blossoms, be sure to check out our lovely little notebooks, which are covered in silk and velvet. The 365 Good Fortunes is a fun and whimsical gift idea that is sure to delight.

 Chinese Blossom and Bird

Books about China and Chinese Lecture...

Add these books about China, its cultural, and its landmarks to your Summer reading list. Whether your interest is short stories, essays, or detailed narratives, these books provide fascinating reading for anyone who wants to learn more about China.

 Chinese Blossom and Bird

Books To Learn Chinese...

Chinese language books and products are our book new additions. Comprehensive language texts for adults provide a well-rounded language learning experience by integrating lessons in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. For children, we have wonderful interactive learning tools such as puzzles, picture books, and colorful textbooks.

 Chinese Blossom and Bird


No matter what your taste in music, there is something for everyone in ChinaSprout's music collection. We have added music ranging from Chinese classical to jazz and from folk songs to contemporary tunes. These are wonderful additions to any music lover's collection.

 Chinese Character Workbook

For Kids...

Little girls will love to wear ChinaSprout's red thread bracelet and play with the Corolle Kim doll, whose soft body and sweet face will win over any girl's heart. And, if you are looking for fun things to do with your children this summer, read our new children picture book and try Mei Mei's "Dance and Learn Chinese", which makes learning Chinese fun!

 Mandarin Trio

Popular Products are Back...

Our shelves are full again with popular home decor, arts & crafts, toys, books, music, and more. Do not miss out on your chance to purchase these highly anticipated items before they sell-out again!


Home Decor & Arts Crafts







ChinaSprout's Founder Wins "Outstanding 50 Asian American Award"

New York, NJ – June 30, 2004 - Xiaoning Wang, the founder of, is recognized as an outstanding Asian entrepreneur and announced as a winner of the “3rd Annual Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business Awards.”  The program sponsored by the Asian American Business Development Center defines and highlight the most successful Asian businessmen and businesswomen of the year with their contributions to the local community, workplaces, as well as the US economy.  

ChinaSprout's Rewards ProgramChinaSprout's Rewards Program

As a member of  ChinaSprout's Rewards Program, the more that you shop at ChinaSprout, the more you will save . Individual purchases began accumulating on April 1, 2004. Once you have reached $200 in purchases, you will automatically be enrolled in the ChinaSprout Rewards Program. You will receive an automatic 5% discount on all of your future purchases. After you reach $300 in purchasing, your discount increases to 10%. To find out how to save more on all of your ChinaSprout purchases, visit our Rewards page.


China TV

The China Related TV list is compiled weekly by Kirby Bartlett-Sloan. Kirby, an adoptive parent of three Chinese girls, has one of the most comprehensive TV listings of programs on China and from China that are in the English language.

Reading Rainbow - Liang and the Magic Paint Brush

New York's Chinatown is the setting for a study of Chinese culture. Reviewed: Wendy Kesselman's "Emma"; "Ben's Trumpet," by Rachel Isadora.
Thu, July 1 at 11:30AM-12:00PM on WPBA (Atlanta PBS)

Blood Alley (1955)

The daughter of a slain American convinces a sea captain to help a village of Chinese peasants escape the communists.Director: William A. Wellman Performers: Lauren Bacall, Anita Ekberg, Paul Fix, Joy Kim, Mike Mazurki, John Wayne
Thu, July 1 at 11:45AM-1:45PM on ACMAX

Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child - Aladdin

The tale of the legendary Arabian hero is told from the perspective of a poor Chinese boy.
Fri, July 2 at 7:30AM-8:00AM on HBOFAM - HBO Family

More listings...

China in the News


A stream of taxis wriggles along the crowded road of Gongti Beilu in Beijing. Most of them turn at the corner of Sanlitun Road North, stop, and drop off fashionably dressed people. This is a very ordinary Friday and Saturday night scene in Beijing. After around 9 pm, people gather from every corner of the city, and walk into the dozens of quaint cafes, bars and night clubs dispersed in the area...

Get the whole story here (Xinhua News)



Electricity alters way of life in remote villages...Yet as the sun drops below the mountains, a bit of modernity emerges. Atop a pile of rocks set on the riverbank, a hydro generator the size of a coffee can, installed last year, kicks to life. Single bulbs cast dim light through the five houses of the village...

Get the whole story here (The Boston Globe)



The second "Beijing 2008" Olympic Cultural Festival opened on June 23, the International Olympic Day, and will conclude on July 13 -- the third anniversary of the city's successful bidding for the hosting of the Games, BOCOG announced at a press conference June 23 afternoon.

Get the whole story here (China Daily)

Chinese Wisdom of the Week

"An upright man is not afraid of an oblique shadow; a straight foot is not afraid of a crooked shoe."

-  from 100 Pearls of Chinese Wisdom. This proverb tells us that an upright man fears no gossip or slander. We are reminded to always take the high road and act with honor and principle. If we live our lives in a respectable manner, we will never fear that others will have bad things to say about us.  These are wonderful words to live by and we hope that none of you will ever be afraid of oblique shadows.


That's it for this week! School is out, and we hope that all of you will have a great summer full of family fun!! Again we want to thank YOU, our loyal customers and newsletter subscribers.  You are all a big part of ChinaSprout, and we are so grateful for each and every one of you!  Xie xie!!


Your Friends,

The ChinaSprout Team

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