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Dear Friend,

It is hard to believe that another year is already coming to a close. We hope that you are enjoying this time with friends and loved ones. In just five short days, the New Year of 2005 will be celebrated in the West. The Chinese will usher in the year 4703, the Year of the Rooster, on February 9th this year. Make sure that you are ready to revel in the New Year by visiting our Chinese New Year page. You can also stock up for the next holiday season by taking advantage of our After-Christmas Sale. And, we are continually receiving great new products, so be sure to check out our latest additions, many of which would make great New Years gifts.

Celebrate the Year of the Rooster!


Year 2005 will be the Year of the Rooster. The Chinese welcome in this new Lunar Year on February 9, 2005. The rooster is a symbol of intuition, honesty, intelligence, caring , and good planning. To help you and your family celebrate this most important of Chinese festivals, ChinaSprout has created this special Chinese New Year page to help you enjoy the Chinese New Year as millions of Chinese do around the world. Make sure to send a free eCard to your friends and family!

After Christmas Sales!! Gifts Under $50 and $100

Visit our After Christmas Sales page to find great bargains on holiday decorations and ornaments, apparel and accessories for kids and adults, toys, home decor items, and many more fabulous pieces . Many products are reduced up to 60% from original prices. It is never too early to start gift purchases for next Christmas or to put items away for next year's holiday decorating.

Ornaments on Sale
Apparel & Accessories for Kids
Apparel & Accessories for Women

New Products

 Year of the Rooster Packets

NiHao Little Friends  DVD 

  Sleeveless Short Mandarin Dresses 

Year of Rooster Greeting Cards

Apparel and Accessories…

Make Red Envelopes truly memorable by including red thread bracelets, hair accessories, a jade pendant, or YinYang and Fortune beads and give them as special gifts for both kids and adults this New Year. We have also added a beautiful Mandarin dress, blouse, and fan, which exude a lovely Asian style, perfect for holiday parties! There's even a delightful dress for your little one's favorite doll to make sure she, too, is dressed to greet the New Year.


Home Decor…

Share the joy and well-wishes of the Chinese New Year with some of our brightly-colored New Year's decorations, distinctive Red Envelopes, and auspicious greeting cards. For a special gift, be sure to check out the water color painting, photo album, and Mahjong set. All of these beautiful items are sure to be treasured momentos of the dawning of the Year of the Rooster.



ChinaSprout has some fabulous new Chinese language tools for beginners in stock. Choose from textbooks, flash cards, puzzles, dictionaries, and workbooks, to help get you and your child started on the path to learning the Chinese language. While exploring the Chinese culture, you can also see what the future has in store for you with our fun, new I Ching Pack or enjoy the delightful artwork of Jimmy year round with our 2005 table calendar.


DVDs and VCDs…

Learn about Chinese culture and performing arts with our latest DVD and VCD additions. The productions are both stunningly beautiful and deeply moving and provide wonderful insight into the depth and splendor of Chinese culture and history. Chinese language students, young and old, will enjoy supplementing their book learning with our "Ni Hao Little Friends" DVD and "China Panorama" VCDs, which will help bring greater understanding to their knowledge of the Chinese language.


Popular Products Back in Stock

Some of our best selling products are now back in stock!  We have replenished our supply of handbags, jewelry and accessories for kids and adults, fun and educational toys, great Chinese language learning books and supplies, and popular DVDs and VCDs. These are great to have on hand all year for birthdays and other special events. Or, stock up for next year's holiday season. Order now before they go out of stock again!

China in the News

Rural Exodus for Work Fractures Chinese Family

New York Times, December 21, 2004

Yang Shan is in fourth grade and spends a few hours every day practicing her Chinese characters. Her script is neat and precise, and one day, instead of drills, she wrote letters to her parents and put them in the mail.

Get the whole story here

China's Elite Learn to Flaunt It While the New Landless Weep

New York Times, December 25, 2004

Chateau Zhang Laffitte is no ordinary imitation. It is the oriental twin of Château Maisons-Laffitte, the French architect François Mansart's 1650 landmark on the Seine. Its symmetrical facade and soaring slate roof were crafted using the historic blueprints, 10,000 photographs and the same white Chantilly stone.

Get the whole story here

In Roaring China, Sweaters Are West of Socks City

New York Times, December 24, 2004

You probably have never heard of this factory town in coastal China, and there is no reason why you should have. But it fills your sock drawer. Datang produces an astounding nine billion pairs of socks each year - more than one set for every person on the planet. People here fondly call it Socks City, and its annual socks festival attracts 100,000 buyers from around the world.

Get the whole story here

China TV

The China Related TV list is compiled weekly by Kirby Bartlett-Sloan. Kirby, an adoptive parent of three Chinese girls, has one of the most comprehensive TV listings of programs on China and from China that are in the English language.

Within a Play

The American Shakespeare Theater Company copes with unexpected complications as they tour Taiwan with a modern-dress production of ``Hamlet.''
Tuesday December 28, 2004 8:30pm-10:00pm on SUNDNC - Sundance - History

Da wan (Big Shot's Funeral) (2001)

A renowned filmmaker (Donald Sutherland) befriends a cameraman (Ge You) and embraces Buddhism while making a movie in China. Adult Situations; Language; Brief Nudity (Click on the movie title above to open a new window to the Internet Movie Data Base page about this movie).
Wednesday December 29, 2004 7:30am-9:15am on MAX (Cinemax) - Movie / Comedy-Drama

History's Turning Points -"The Incredible March"

Mao Tse-Tung the leader of China's Communist First Front Army flees the forces of his archenemy, the nationalist Chiang Kai-Shek. Mao and his 100,000-strong peasant army battle against the Nationalists and nature itself, fleeing over 6,000 miles through 12 provinces, over 18 mountain ranges, and across 24 rivers in an epic test of human endurance. Only 6,000 men survive, but Mao lives to become the undisputed father of Chinese communism, and 14 years after his epic journey, becomes Chairman of the People's Republic of China. With exclusive dramatizations carried out at the actual sites of events, we reveal the principal characters whose unique personalities, dilemmas, and conflicts, influenced the outcome in this pivotal moment in history.
Wednesday December 29, 2004 11:00am-11:30am on HIST - The History Channel - Network Series / History


More listings... 

Chinese Wisdom of the Week

 "When a man speaks, he should think of his acts; when he acts, he should think of what he said" -- Quotations from Confucius


As another year passes by and we look forward to all that the coming year has to bring, we should strive to remember that words and actions are bound by the same cloth. We wish you the best for the New Year and hope that you will receive all of the good that comes saying and doing what your heart leads you to.


Your Friends,

The ChinaSprout Team

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