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Dear Friend,

The Easter Bunny's visit comes early this year -- March 27th to be exact! Be prepared with some egg-citing gifts from ChinaSprout! We have lovely decorations and special treats for your child's Easter basket, so be sure to visit our Easter Page for unique gift ideas for Easter and Passover. You can also hunt for bargains on our Spring Cleaning Sales pages and get additional basket goodies when you purchase one of our popular Grab Bags. To begin preparing for Spring, we have added wonderful new apparel, home decor, accessories, stationary, and music products that are sure to delight ChinaSprout customers of all ages!


Celebrate Easter with Chinese Products

Fill your Easter baskets to the brim with special treats from ChinaSprout. Choose from dozens of fun products for kids, which will provide hours of enjoyment. Or, decorate your house for the holiday with home decor items that will bring a bit of China into your Easter and Passover celebrations. We have many unique ideas to help you celebrate Easter ChinaSprout style! Visit our Easter Page to see what we have in store.


Spring Cleaning Sales!


ChinaSprout's Spring Cleaning Sale continues! In order to make room on our shelves for more new and exciting inventory, we are offering great deals on many fabulous products. Be sure to visit our sales pages below to find dozens of clothing, accessories, home decor, arts and crafts items and more -- all at bargain prices! 

ChinaSprout's Grab Bag Sales Returns!

We are now bringing back grab bag sales with new and different items in each category: Arts & Crafts, Home Decor, Books (Adult or Children), and Accessories (Girl, Boy, Adult Male or Female).  Each $20 grab bag consists of 5 items and has a total retail value up to $80.00. In order to qualify for a FREE Grab Bag, your order must equal $50 or more. Please add the bag in the shopping cart and input the coupon number 1110256185 at the same page. 5 items will be yours! Please note we Limit one grab bag per order, while supplies last. Place your order today before our grab bag supply sells out.     

New Products

 Flowers and Birds Stone Easter Egg 

Silk Scarf - Chinese Poem

Embroidery Mandarin Dresses

Embroidery Zodiac Greeting Cards

Easter and Home Decor…

The only Easter eggs that are more precious than our beautiful decorative Chinese eggs are the ones handmade by your children. Created from painted stone, cloissone, and cinnabar, ChinaSprout's exquisite decorative eggs are sure to become holiday heirlooms. You can also use our brightly-colored wall hangings to decorate your home for the holiday or include them in Easter Baskets for the little ones.



Welcome spring with beautiful new outfits from ChinaSprout. Our newest lightweight dresses, blouses, and shirts are designed with the warm, inviting colors of springtime. And, the Chinese poetry padded jackets are perfect for wearing on chilly spring evenings. On a more casual day, slip into our Dance Calligraphy T-shirt and tip-toe through the tulips.



Don't forget the ladies this Easter! They will delight at receiving a delicate silk scarf to compliment a favorite outfit, a lovely brocade jewelry box, or the Chinese Chop pack, to personalize letters.  For a small, thoughtful gift, choose one of our newest ornaments, which can be hung in any number of places and spaces. Include one of our embroidered zodiac greeting cards, to set your gift apart.


Books, Music and DVDs…

Traditional story lovers will appreciate the romantic and tragic tale of the "Butterfly Lovers", as recorded on DVD or the classic novel "Mr. Ma and Son," now available in English. Pop music fans have a wealth of viewing and listening choices from popular Chinese bands Dong Fang, S.H.E and 12 Girls Band.


Popular Products are Back…

Here at ChinaSprout, you will find everything you need to celebrate the New Year, just as millions do in China. Whether you are looking for decorations, cards, lanterns, lion dance costumes, red envelopes, or gifts, you will find it on our site. We are featuring some of our most popular products below to help get you started toward a festive New Year celebration.

China in the News


Men and Women: Different But Equal  

XinHua, March 7, 2005
BEIJING -- Gender equality is currently a great pursuit for many women throughout the world, and China is no exception. In recent years, the status of Chinese women has admittedly improved, but some people think that there are serious problems still remaining. Wang Zhousheng is one of these critics, and her novel "Gender: Female" relects her thoughts and worries on the subject of Chinese women.

Get the whole story here

GOING TO Guangzhou

NYTimes, March 6, 2005
With Chinese from all over the country flocking to this city to fuel its booming economy, Guangzhou is pushing to reclaim its roots as the major trade and manufacturing center of China. For centuries China's most important seaport and the starting point of the maritime Silk Road, Guangzhou (formerly Canton and now a modern city of 10 million just 75 miles up the Pearl River from Hong Kong) played host to merchants from Rome and India as early as the second century A.D.

Get the whole story here

The Peacock Princess of China  

NYTimes, March 5, 2005
Ever since Yang Liping won first prize in a national dance competition in 1986, she has been delighting Chinese audiences with her signature dance, "Spirit of the Peacock." Now, Ms. Yang, one of China's best-known dancers, is the director, choreographer and star of a new show that is drawing sellout crowds all over the country.

Get the whole story here

China TV

The China Related TV list is compiled weekly by Kirby Bartlett-Sloan. Kirby, an adoptive parent of three Chinese girls, has one of the most comprehensive TV listings of programs on China and from China that are in the English language.


Animated Tales of the World - The Magic Paintbrush

A boy receives a magic paintbrush that makes anything he paints become real in this tale from China.
Monday March 14, 2005 5:45am-6:00am on HBOFAM - HBO Family - Children's Show / Entertainment

Port of Last Resort: Refuge in Shanghai

Jews who sought refuge in Shanghai during World War II detail their experiences, which ranged from favorable to deplorable. Also: a woman who lived in the refugee ghetto and was married in a dress made of curtains recalls her gift request to her father: hot water for a bath.
Wednesday March 16, 2005 4:50am-6:15am on TRUEe - Special / History

More listings... 

Chinese Wisdom of the Week

To be fond of knowledge is better than merely to acquire it; to take delight in it is still better than merely to be fond of it. By Confucius.


This proverb reminds us that we should not only pursue knowledge but also should find great happiness from acquiring education and wisdom. We hope that life brings you many opportunities to acquire knowledge and that you gain great joy from the wisdom that you receive.

Your Friends,

The ChinaSprout Team 

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