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ChinaSprout has gift ideas for everyone on your list. Whether you are shopping for your closest friends and family, a favorite teacher, or colleagues, you are sure to find something they will love at ChinaSprout. Visit our Holiday Page for gift and decorating ideas that are guaranteed to make this season merry and bright. Check out our new shipments, which continue to arrive. This week, we are featuring apparel for adults and children, jewelry, accessories, and beautiful ties and scarves.  Get an early start so that you can relax and enjoy the holiday.


Special Events
Halloween Chinese Take-out Containers

ChinaSprout's Holiday Day Gift Ideas!

We have so many new things for you to enjoy, it is hard to know where to begin! There are lots of NEW ornaments, both hand-painted glass and cloisonné. We have some fantastic new calendars for 2006, as well as new sets of holiday greeting cards. New products for the holiday season are being added every week, we invite you to visit us regularly to browse through our newest arrivals.  And last but not least, we've added theme pages for Stocking Stuffers, Gifts Under $50 and Gifts Under $100.

2006 From China With Love Calendar

The 2006 From China With Love calendar is available for Pre-Order now. Featuring adorable photos of girls and boys adopted from China, the proceeds from this calendar go to support Chinese children who remain in orphanages and Chinese Cultural Heritage learning opportunities for FCC kids. Enjoy a discount when you order two copies and an even greater price break when you order a box of 25.

2006 Catalog

We are pleased to announce that our 2006 catalog will be available within two weeks for your shopping convenience. Please be sure to request for copies for yourself, friends and family today. Have you purchased products or have you requested a catalog in the past? Don’t worry, we have you on file and will automatically mail one to you. If you have moved, please let us know your new mailing address so we can ensure delivery to you.

New Products

Fan Brocade Robes

Ancient Poem and Seal Silk Scarves

Peking Opera Silk Ties

Hand-Painted Glass Ornament - Dog

Apparel for Adults

ChinaSprout has gorgeous new dresses and blouses that are perfect for the holiday season. Wear a lovely QiPao Mandarin dress or match a stylish ChinaSprout blouse with a pair of black pants for a distinctive look that is uniquely your own. Finish it with one of our newest jackets, which will keep you feeling warm and looking good. For evenings at home, curl up in one of our comfy brocade robes.



Treat someone you love to a special gift from ChinaSprout. We have beautiful new silver jewelry, including Chinese character necklaces and earrings and unique cufflinks and necklaces in a Chinese chair design. The hand carved jade necklaces that we have just added exhibit tremendous detail and are true works of art.



We receive many compliments on our purses and are excited to be able to offer this new selection of new handbags, totes, and coin purses to match. Choose from bags of all shapes and sizes to meet your needs, whether it's a quick run to the store or an evening out. Our comfy Mulan and Kungfu shoes are equally versatile and can be worn as slippers or with a favorite outfit.


Apparel for Children

Our latest infant wear was created with baby's comfort in mind. ChinaSprout designed many of these cozy caps, shoes, slings, and baby carriers based on our customers' requests. Babies will also enjoy the soft, flexible fit of our traditional tiger, dragon, and squeaky shoes. For older children, be sure to check out our beautiful embroidered Mandarin suits and lovely mini handbags.


Ties and Scarves

If gift giving is on your mind, peruse our collection of silk scarves and ties. Our newest additions include a selection as diverse as your gift-giving list. Choose from scarves with ancient poem, butterfly, or flower themes. Or, for the men in your life, select a tie to fit his personality from choices such as dragons, Temple of Heaven, or Peking Opera.


Home Decor

Visit our Home Décor section for great decorating and gift ideas. Our new lanterns make wonderful accents, whether decorating for the holidays, Chinese New Year, or simply just because. Our decorative shelf and handpainted basket are functional works of art that you will love having in your home. For a charming mixture of Asian art and Western cat worship, check out our Cats Painting Scrolls.


Christmas Ornaments

Get ready for the holidays with beautiful ornaments from ChinaSprout. Our delicate glass ornaments are painted from the inside and will create a lovely iridescent glow on your tree. The bright and colorful cloisonné ornaments are magnificent examples of Chinese craftwork. You’ll love the warmth and memories that these holiday decorations bring to your home. 

China TV

The China Related TV list is compiled weekly by Kirby Bartlett-Sloan. Kirby, an adoptive parent of three Chinese girls, has one of the most comprehensive TV listings of programs on China and from China that are in the English language. 


Little Einsteins - Dragon Kite

In China, while searching for kites that are needed in a parade, the kids go into a pagoda, cruise the Yangtze River, visit the famous Himalayan peaks and climb the Great Wall. Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg's "Peer Gynt Suite" is featured, along with art by Zhang Lu, Qiu Ying, Zosan and Cai Jia. Friday November 04, 2005 12:30pm-1:00pm on Disney Channel - Children's Show / Educational


Modern Marvels: "The Great Wall of China"

Winding 6,000 kilometers through undulating mountains, it is said to be visible with the naked eye from the moon (Kirby note - this History Channel description is poetic, but wrong. The myth about seeing the Great Wall from the moon is debunked at ). But who called for the Great Wall's construction and how was it accomplished? Historians, engineers, and scientists explore one of the wonders of the ancient world. TV G Friday November 04, 2005 3:00pm-4:00pm on HIST - The History Channel - Network Series / History


Zoom - Episode 606

The ZOOMers get soaked in the appropriately named ZOOMgame, "Splash!" Shing Ying celebrates her Chinese culture and the harvest moon festival, teaching the audience to make delicious "Moon Cakes." In today's ZOOMsci segment, the ZOOMers try to slow things down by making a "Marble Maze." Viewers then meet a young girl named McKayla W., who was born in China and adopted by an American family. Friday November 04, 2005 3:00pm-3:30pm on WPBA (Atlanta PBS) - China Adoption 


Click here for more listings

China News

Scientists Link a Prolific Gene Tree to the Manchu Conquerors of China

NY Times - BEIJING, Nov. 1 - Geneticists have identified a major lineage of Y chromosomes in populations of northern China that they believe may mark the bearers as descendants of one of the Manchu conquerors who founded the Qing dynasty and ruled China from 1644 to 1911.

Read the full article here


Puppets Help Evoke China's History of Love and War

NY Times - BEIJING, Nov. 1 — For Marco Polo in the 13th century as for Ezra Pound in the 20th, China was "Cathay," a land of mythic wonders. For the American-born director and writer Ping Chong, to visit China and make theater in the West meant exploring myth and history, joining Asian and Western traditions.  

Read the full article here


China Luring Scholars to Make Universities Great

SHANGHAI, Oct. 26 - When Andrew Chi-chih Yao, a Princeton professor who is recognized as one of the United States' top computer scientists, was approached by Qinghua University in Beijing last year to lead an advanced computer studies program, he did not hesitate.

Read the full article here



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Wisdom of the Week

When one is great and is completely transformed to be goodness itself, he is called a sage. When a sage is beyond our knowledge, he is called a man of the spirit." - Quotations from Mencius

As Mencius points out, every person goes through transitional periods of growth in their life. Some are fortunate enough to attain such a high level of goodness and compassion that they are completely transformed. We wish you much success on your own path to a happy and fulfulled life.

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The ChinaSprout Team

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