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Dear Friend,

Mother's Day is a time to recognize Mom for all that she does. She treats scraped knees with Band-aids and kisses and indulges broken hearts with chocolate and hugs. This Mother's Day, say thank you with a gift from ChinaSprout. Visit our Mother's Day page to find great gift ideas for the women in your life -- whether she is your mother, your grandmother, your wife, or even a special AiYi (auntie). This week, we are also featuring new Mother's Day gift sets, jewelry, home decor, books, and DVD sets including a ChinaSprout exclusive, Chinese for Kids. We have many more wonderful surprises in store, so be sure to take some time and look around!


Special Events

Mother's Day Page

Every mother deserves to know how much she is appreciated and a gift from ChinaSprout is sure to touch her heart for years to come. We have many wonderful gift ideas on our Mother's Day page  that is sure to suit her taste. Whether she enjoys accessorizing, dressing up, or a nice quiet evening with a book and cup of tea, ChinaSprout is the place to find that perfect gift.

Free Mother's Day Gift

As we approach May and blooming flowers make their appearance, ChinaSprout is offering this pretty Flower Brocade Cosmetic Bag to celebrate the season. This limited offer is available when your order totals $50 or more and is good while supplies last. To apply the coupon to your order, add the Flower Brocade Cosmetic Bag to your shopping cart. When you arrive on the Shopping Cart page, enter in the coupon code 1145372542 and hit the "Apply Coupon" button. After the coupon is successfully added to your order, you will see the message: "Coupon Applied". LIMIT ONE PER CUSTOMER.

ChinaSprout's Grab Bags are Back!

We are bringing back our popular Grab Bag promotion. These fun-filled bags contain a variety of new items in each of the following categories: Arts & Crafts, Home Decor, Books (Adult or Children), and Accessories (Girl, Boy, Adult Male, or Female). Each grab bag costs $20 and contains 4 items that have a total retail value up to $100. In order to participate in our Grab Bag promotion, your order must total $25 or more. Please add the bag of your choice in the shopping cart. Then 4 items will be yours! Please note we Limit one grab bag per order, while supplies last. Place your order today before our grab bag supply sells out.     

Chinese for Children

Exclusive ChinaSprout DVD Release

Over the past few months, we have been working to create a Chinese learning program based on a successful series from China's CCTV. We are pleased to announce that this exclusive ChinaSprout DVD is now available for you and your family to enjoy. As Chinese for Children's engaging story unfolds, children will learn words and phrases for greetings, family members, household items, play, health, and more, all in a real environment with a relatable story. Your kids will want to watch it again and again and will readily begin repeating Chinese words and phrases.

Flower Power

April Showers bring May Flowers. Check out our sales page for items with lovely flower patterns to ring in Spring. Chic and affordable, these products will add a touch of elegance to any wardrobe. We have a great selection to choose from including apparel, home decor, toys, books, and accessories.

New Products

Silk Embroidered
Peony Shirt

Double Happiness
Silver Bracelet

Silk Phoenix Scarf

Kim 2006

Mother's Day Gift Sets

Don't know how to say thank you to the special woman in your life? ChinaSprout is here to help! Our staff has worked hard to create original Mother's Day Gift Sets, sure to please all mothers. Choose the set that fits your mom best. Each gift set includes a complimentary card.

Special Gifts for Mothers, Grandmas, Aunts...

Let everyone know how much she means to you when you present her with one of ChinaSprout's earrings or pendants with the Chinese characters for mother, grandmother, or auntie. Pair them up to create a lovely matched set. For more casual days, slip on a mama or grandmother t-shirt.

Silk Embroidery Peony Shirt

Apparel and Accessories

Add a little spice to your spring wardrobe. ChinaSprout has beautiful Chinese inspired shirts for both moms and daughters, as well as pretty shirt and skirt sets for little ones. Add the elegant silk phoenix scarf or happiness silver bracelet as a wonderful accent to your favorite outfit. Tea lovers will also enjoy our dragon filter tea cup.

Double Happiness

Spring time is one of the most popular seasons to hold a wedding. Flowers are in bloom and the weather is absolute perfection. Extend the joy of the season for the newly wedded couple with "Double Happiness" gifts from ChinaSprout. It is the symbol of marital happiness, actually meaning double joy. 



Let children enjoy an afternoon, lost in imagination, reading books that will engage and entertain. This week, we are introducing a few new books that are sure to be read over and over. We also have special books for mom that tell of the unbreakable bond between mother and child. These are a great gift idea for Mother's Day!

Dance and Learn with Mei Mei

Chinese Language DVD Sets

Ni Hao Little Friends has been our bestselling Chinese language DVD for children for the past five years. Now you can purchase this DVD, as well as our popular Mei Mei and Chinese for Kids as a volume set. Take advantage of these great savings while learning Chinese and having fun.

Letha's Health Secrets

The San Francisco Chronicle wrote, “Letha Hadady, one of the nation’s leading experts on natural Chinese remedies, is leading a quiet lady-like revolution to bring herbal medicines from the Far East and elsewhere into everyday use in American homes.” Read the latest on her blog Letha's Health Secrets.


Slimming Holiday Foods

Here are a few simple fasting foods to help you lose weight quickly and easily after eating rich holiday meals. You can make them up in large quantities and keep them in the refrigerator.

Read the full story here



If you have felt a sharp electric pain searing down the side or back of your leg lately, it may be sciatica, an inflammation of the sciatic nerve. That nerve, the largest in the body, runs from the lumbar area of the lower back, down through the pelvis and groin, and branches out in two directions down the back and side of each leg to the ankle and little toe.

Read the full story here


A Dragon Breakfast

If you have been following my posts on Weightloss The Asian Way (#1, 2, and #3 and the Sugarless Pie) you know that everyone participating in the program is on the basic diet: 2 fruits, 6 - 9 veggies, one sort of protein and lots of tea per day. In addition, I will continue to suggest special foods for 4 energy types: Tigers, Dragons, Bears, and Cranes. Here are a few breakfast suggestions especially suitable for Dragons.

Read the full story here


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China TV

The China Related TV list is compiled weekly by Kirby Bartlett-Sloan. Kirby, an adoptive parent of three Chinese girls, has one of the most comprehensive TV listings of programs on China and from China that are in the English language.


First Emperor: The Man Who Made China

One of the most powerful men who ever lived, Qin Shi Huangdi commanded millions, united China and designed the Great Wall. The enormous scale of this leader's achievements was matched only by the legacy he left. Sunday April 23, 2006 9:00pm-11:00pm on DSC - Discovery Channel - Travel


China's Mega-Dam - Episode 1

The Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River in China is the largest public works project in the history of mankind. Its size, scale, and potential are unprecedented in engineering history. The dam is in its final stages of completion - but will it work?Sunday April 23, 2006 11:00pm-12:00am on DSC - Discovery Channel - Special / Science


China's Mega-Dam - Episode 2

The Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River in China is the largest public works project in the history of mankind. Its size, scale, and potential are unprecedented in engineering history. The dam is in its final stages of completion - but will it work?
Monday April 24, 2006 12:00am-1:00am on DSC - Discovery Channel - Special / Science


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China News

The Oldest Civilization on Earth, Reborn

New York Times 

China -- The scene of the most extraordinary economic, social and political transformation of our time.  But it is also a nation struggling with an enormous population, a strained environment, and unequal distribution of wealth and opportunity.  Four documentary films portray the triumps and disappointments of remarkable individuals caught up in an epic story.
Read the full article here


'House of Oracles' Looks Back at Huang Yong Ping's Legacy.

New York Times

April 14, 2006, North Adams, Mass -- The dynamite survey at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art reveals that the Chinese artist is a star of elusive luminosity.

Read the full article here


Shanghai's Boom: A Building Frenzy

New York Times

April 12, 2006, Shanghai -- Within the next four years, Shanghai will be utterly transformed.  But critics say it will lose as much as it stands to gain in dazzling, futuristic projects.
Read the full article here


NOTE: Select NY Times articles require registration which provides free and instant access to breaking news, reviews, online classifieds and more on

Wisdom of the Week
Tending the Roots of Wisdom

 "If every person made a habit of looking upon everything as flawless, then everything in the world would naturally become perfect. If every person made a habit of making his heart expansive and tranquil, then men's evil and harmful feelings would natually disappear." - Tending the Roots of Wisdom


We hope that you enjoy the change in season, which often brings about a sense of inner happiness and wonder as we watch the world around us evolve. We also hope that you and your family are able to get out and enjoy one another and this special time of year together.


Your Friends,

The ChinaSprout Team

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