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Dear Friend,

Moon Festival is the second most important Chinese holiday after New Years. This year, Moon Festival falls on October 6th. Once again, we are pleased to be able to offer our customers yummy Moon Cakes, straight from New York's Chinatown. We also carry books and other Moon Festival products to help you learn about and celebrate the holiday with family and friends. In addition to our delicious moon cakes, you'll find bargains during our Summer Sale, as well as new clothing, accessories, books, DVDs and music. Our hottest new items include the picture book, One Year in Beijing, and the From China With Love 2007 calendar. 

Special Events

Chinese Moon Cakes Are Here

This year's Moon Festival falls on October 6, 2006. To help families celebrate this holiday in an authentic Chinese manner – eating moon cakes while looking at the full moon – ChinaSprout offers FRESHLY baked moon cakes from a premium bakery in New York's Chinatown. Our moon cakes have been a huge success for the last four years -- everyone has loved them! Order yours now!


ChinaSprout is offering customers a FREE teacup with the purchase of a tea pot set. Choose from the Dragon, Eternity Yi Xing, Calligraphy, Chinese, Yi Xing, Yi Xing - Simplicity, Yi Xing, or Longevity Tea Pot Set and then add one of our Chinese themed teacups. Offer good while supplies last. LIMIT ONE PER CUSTOMER. 

FCC Calendar Pre-Order

PRE-ORDER the 2007 "From China With Love" calendar now and it will be shipped in mid-September. Featuring adorable photos of girls and boys adopted from China, this consistently best-selling calendar brings joy to every family! Enjoy a discount when you order two copies and an even greater price break when you order a box of 25.

One Year in Beijing

We sold out of all advance copies of "One Year in Beijing" in one day! We are pleased to announce that we have received all printed copies of this popular book and it is available for shipment immediately. Order your copy to learn more about Chinese culture by experiencing it through the eyes of a modern day, eight year old girl.

Summer Sale

ChinaSprout is offering spectacular savings on some of your favorite items. Visit our Sales Pages to find great ChinaSprout products at bargain prices. We are offering up to 75% off on Apparel, Accessories, Home Decor, Arts & Crafts, Toys, and more. Shop now before these sizzling deals disappear.


New Products

Dragon Design Messenger Bag

Good Luck Gift Bags 

Millicent Min, Girl Genius 

New Silk Road 


Accent your favorite outfits with earrings and pendants from ChinaSprout. Choose from Yin-Yang, QiPao, Fortune Flower, or Zodiac designs. Store these special pieces in one of our lovely jewelry boxes including the new Traditional Silk Cloth jewelry box. Also, our Chinese themed silver key rings make thoughtful gifts for adults and children alike..

Books for Young Adults

In our recent survey, customers asked for books and other products for our ever growing number of pre-teen and teen customers. Here are some books that we have just introduced for these young readers, and we will continue introducing more. Check out page for Young Adult readers

Learn Chinese

Prepare to travel, study, or work in China using ChinaSprout's texts and Chinese learning tools. Our newest language additions will help you to master the basics of the Chinese language, no matter what your goal. To support the new AP Chinese focus in K-12 education, we have also added Chengo Chinese, which is geared towards middle to high school students.

DVD and Music

Enjoy learning about Chinese culture with our latest DVDs. These intriguing discs explore ancient land and sea adventures, as well as China's diverse ethnic minorities and ancient villages, and the people who make up the fabric of this culturally rich nation. If you enjoy festival music, check out Beaming With Cheer, a special collection of Chinese New Year music.

Letha's Health Secrets

The San Francisco Chronicle wrote, “Letha Hadady, one of the nation’s leading experts on natural Chinese remedies, is leading a quiet lady-like revolution to bring herbal medicines from the Far East and elsewhere into everyday use in American homes.” Read the latest on her blog Letha's Health Secrets.


Natural, Safe Menopause

More women around the world are having a hot flash this minute than ever before in history. Part of being a baby boomer, is the heat generated by hormonal changes that set in during perimenopause–that year or so before menopause–that occurs around age 50.  

Read the full story here

China TV

The China Related TV list is compiled weekly by Kirby Bartlett-Sloan. Kirby, an adoptive parent of three Chinese girls, has one of the most comprehensive TV listings of programs on China and from China that are in the English language.


Globe Trekker "Hong Kong and Taiwan"

Megan McCormick visits Hong Kong and Taiwan. In Hong Kong, she practices tai chi, visits a songbird market and meets a giant panda. In Taiwan, she tours Taipei and explores the island's temples and aboriginal villages  Thursday August 10, 2006 4:00pm-5:00pm on TRAVEL - The Travel Channel - Travel


Click here for more listings

China News

Restored, an Emperor’s Lair Will Be Forbidden No More

NYTimes, BEIJING, Aug. 1 — John Stubbs, an American historic preservationist, had flicked on his flashlight and was slowly ascending a darkened staircase inside the Forbidden City when he stopped at a dusty paneled wall etched with elegant lines of calligraphy.

Read the full article here


NOTE: Select NY Times articles require registration which provides free and instant access to breaking news, reviews, online classifieds and more on

Wisdom of the Week

""All with a sense of purpose in life -- that destiny is the mandate of Heaven. Cultivating the heart is the highest duty because it has the greatest moral value." - The Life and Wisdom of Mencius

This quote tells us to always follow our heart in whatever we do in life. We must train ourselves to listen to our heart, as it will lead us in the right direction. We here at ChinaSprout hope that you will always follow your heart and attain the great happiness that you deserve in life!

Your Friends,

The ChinaSprout Team

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