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Dear Friend,


As the last students head back to school this week, re-ignite their love of reading by keeping a stack of tempting titles alongside those textbooks. From memoirs to storybooks to fascinating tales from China, ChinaSprout offers hundreds of great selections for the entire family. So grab a cup of coffee and have fun browsing our "bookshelves" below. When you'd rather watch than read, try out our brand new collection of dance, drama and opera DVDs. And remember, Moon Festival is right around the corner, so order your party supplies and moon cakes now!

Special Promotions

Celebrate Moon Festival

How to choose your favorite moon cake flavor? Plan a tasting party, where guests can enjoy sampling winter melon, red bean, mixed nuts and other varieties of these attractive, traditional Moon Festival treats. ChinaSprout offers five flavors of freshly baked moon cakes from a favorite bakery in New York's Chinatown. Often eaten under a full moon, the cakes' round shape signifies family unity, and a pyramid stack of 13 symbolizes a year of happiness. Order yours now!

FCC Calendar Pre-Order

PRE-ORDER the 2008 "From China With Love" calendar now and it will be shipped in mid-September. Featuring adorable photos of girls and boys adopted from China, this consistently best-selling calendar will bring smiles all year long! Enjoy a discount when you order two copies and an even greater price break when you order a box of 25.

FREE Bookmark

As a back-to-books bonus, ChinaSprout offers you a FREE Panda Bookmark when your order totals more than $25. To apply the coupon, please add the FREE Panda Bookmark to the Shopping Cart first, then enter the coupon code 1188831610 in the coupon box on the Shopping Cart page and hit the "Apply Coupon" button. After the coupon is successfully added to your order, you'll see the message: "Coupon Applied." Offer good while supplies last.  

New and Recommended Products

Lil' Lamb 

Pin Yin Bingo 

If I were a Kid
in Ancient China

Early Start Mandarin
Chinese with Panda

Books about China

Who says history has to be dry? Bring China's amazing past to life with History Express books, in which stories of dynasties and rulers are told in colorful comic-book style. Another important twist on history showcases the strong women who've left their mark on China, both centuries ago and today. Below, you'll find lively history for all ages.

Books to Learn Chinese

Understanding and speaking Chinese - the second most popular foreign language in the U.S. - has never been more important. Our books will help you succeed in business, navigate China, handle emergencies while abroad, and simply build solid friendships. Fun bingo games and flash cards will reinforce those language skills in appealing ways.


You can't go wrong with treasures like The Giving Tree and The Runaway Bunny, beloved by generations of kids and available now in Chinese, too. You'll also find new favorites below, from colorful pop-up adventures to lift-the-flap fun. If your little ones haven't yet discovered the bright and bold Snappy books, they're in for a real treat.

DVDs and VCDs

Sometimes you need to see something in action to fully appreciate it. These DVDs will bring the sights and sounds of Chinese dance, opera and drama to your home. Watch intense love stories, children's dance competitions, and famous operas performed in provinces throughout China. Or visit a Hong Kong jade market and Shanghai parade with American Public Television's China to the Max.

Letha's Health Secrets

The San Francisco Chronicle wrote, “Letha Hadady, one of the nation’s leading experts on natural Chinese remedies, is leading a quiet lady-like revolution to bring herbal medicines from the Far East and elsewhere into everyday use in American homes.” Read the latest on her blog Letha's Health Secrets.


Your Kids and Hypertension

A study in today’s google news reports that American kids are developing hypertension at a high rate.

Read the full story here

China TV

The China Related TV list is compiled weekly by Kirby Bartlett-Sloan. Kirby, an adoptive parent of three Chinese girls, has one of the most comprehensive TV listings of programs on China and from China that are in the English language. 


Buff Brides: The Bridal Challenge - Linxiu & Melanie

Bride-to-be Linxiu wants to shape up her figure for not just one, but two wedding dresses-a traditional Chinese gown, and a Western gown. Melanie Selwyn also wants to go from flab to fab and lose the weight she put on in college before her big day! Thursday September 06, 2007 3:00pm-4:00pm on FITTV - Series/Home/Garden


Click here for more listings

China News

Provocateur’s Products Roll Off the Assembly Line

NYTimes, SHANGHAI, Sept. 2 — In a series of factory workshops on the outskirts of this city welders, carpenters and other skilled craftsmen are busy turning wood, metal and other items into fine objects.
Read the full article click here


Wisdom of the Week

When reading, don't let a single word escape your attention; one word may be worth a thousand pieces of gold."  100 Pearls of Chinese Wisdom


As school bells ring around the world, this Chinese proverb tells us we benefit most when we approach our studies whole-heartedly. This week, lose yourself in learning - whether you're in school or not.


Your Friends,

The ChinaSprout Team

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