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Sharing the Planet (12 Books) BLC872


This series provides leveled books that are accessible and relevant to American audience learning Chinese as a second language. These books are part of the reading curriculum for both literature and informational text with emphasis on grammar and comprehension skills. Teachers can use these books to differentiate the skill levels of each student and help them improve their reading proficiency.

This series is written such that second language learners can master each level by reading about topics that are relevant and interesting to their life. These text courses support multiple national standards including Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards and National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies. Glossary is included in every book.

Book Titles:
Level E
Winter 冬天
A Big Storm 暴风雨来了
Level F:
Prepare for Winter 准备过冬
Adaptation 动物的适应性
Level G:
Why Leaves Fall? 为什么树叶会掉下来?
Habitat of Living Things 栖息地
Level H:
Why is the Ocean Salty? 为什么海水是咸的?
Desert 沙漠
Level I:
Plastic Waste 塑胶垃圾
Love Our Planet 爱护我们的地球
Level J:
Great Barrier Reef in Australia 澳洲的大堡礁
Tropical Forest 热带雨林

Paperback, Simplified or Traditional Chinese characters, 20-25 pages/book, 8.5"x5.5"

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Item: Sharing the Planet (12 Books)
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