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Hand-Painted Glass Ornament - Double Happiness/Mandarin Ducks A690

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This beautiful hand-painted glass ornament has the Chinese characters for "Double Happiness" on one side and a gorgeous pair of Mandarin ducks on the other (according to ancient Chinese lore, a pair of these ducks symbolizes faithfulness and marital happiness). Of superior quality, we're sure your family will treasure this ornament year after year as you decorate your Christmas tree. "Double Happiness" comes with a red thread for hanging and is packed in a traditional Chinese red cotton box to keep it safe and sound from one holiday season to the next. And in case you are not into decorating trees, this ornament would be lovely to hang as a holiday decoration anywhere in your home. It would also make a great gift for any newlyweds celebrating their first holiday season as a married couple.

Glass, 3'' diameter
Item: Hand-Painted Glass Ornament - Double Happiness/Mandarin Ducks
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