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Just Add One Chinese Sister BAD027


This story of an American family's adoption of a Chinese toddler is storytelling at its finest. The narration in two voices begins as the mother shares a scrapbook she compiled with Claire. Big brother Conor reveals his thoughts through journal entries printed in italics in the wide right margins. The omnipresent dog is a humorous and appealing fourth presence. The composition mimics a scrapbook, with multiple images on a page (sometimes designed as photographs) and other travel paraphernalia, e.g., ticket stubs, receipts, and postcards. Conor is, by turn, curious (about how to become a brother), worried, patient, frustrated, and annoyed, but ultimately elated. It is his antics playing "Hotel Ball" with a sock that elicit his sister's first laugh. Claire registers the anxiety of a toddler leaving familiar territory, the giggly countenance of play, shyness in the face of the second round of relatives, and naughtiness when she's comfortable in her new role. All children will recognize and empathize with these delightful people. Ages 4 - 8.

By Patricia McMahon, Conor Clarke McCarthy, Karen A. Jerome, Hardcover, English, 32 Pages, 11.5" x 9.3"
Item: Just Add One Chinese Sister
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