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Fun with Asian Food - A Kids' Cookbook BAR062


Introducing Anneke and Max, a lovable brother and sister, who have great fun cooking and eating the favorite dishes of the countries of Asia!  Anneke and Max love dressing up in the colorful clothes of each country and readers will also learn about the culture and origin of each food depicted. This book is aimed at children ages 6-12, but readers of all ages will find much to enjoy. It's also a fun way to introduce children to the delights of cooking, plus an opportunity to learn about the national costumes of each country. This volume is intended to be the first in a series about Anneke and Max's cooking adventures in Asia. Age 6-12.

Recipes include:
Indian Fruit Lassi
Chicken Yakitori
Korean Scallion Pancakes
Chinese Birthday Noodles
Thai Chicken Soup
Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Japanese Bread Sushi
Indian Naan Pizza
Banana Pancakes
No Bake Pineapple Tarts
Mango Pudding
Chicken Rice Balls
Japanese Egg Cups
Wonton Dumpling Soup

By Devagi Sanmugam, Hardcover, English, 32 Pages, 9"x 11.75''
Item: Fun with Asian Food - A Kids' Cookbook
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