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Hong Kong Pop Up BHC022


The glamorous harbor city weathered many storms before arriving at its current state of prosperity. Although Hong Kong has undergone countless transformations, one aspect of life here remains unchanged. Despite the city's picturesque landscape and its proximity to the sea, inhabitants continue to struggle with the lack of livable space. When you open this book, the stories of Hongkongers from the post-war era to the present will have you wondering how past generations were able to servive in such cramped iving conditions. Was the air cooler in hillside shanty towns? What were the dream homes of those who lived in the public housing projects>Complete with fascinating details of a bygone era, this bird's eye view of the city represented in three-dimensional form is sure to delight readers.


By Kit Lau, Hardcover, Traditional Chinese Characters and English, 12pages, 12"x10"
Item: Hong Kong Pop Up
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