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Everyday Science - Physics (13 Books) BLC080


Everyday Science to the Principles is part of the most popular children's science book series. It is comprised of 13 books, which covers a variety of physical phenomena and principles, such as the state of matter, inertia, gravity, power, the wind, light and shadow, the flexibility and resilience, buoyancy, friction, magnets and heat transfer. Each story is accompanied by fun and simple language and interesting pictures. Furthermore, these pictures are highly detailed and further clarify the topics covered. Children will find explanations to the physical phenomena occurring around them. Scientific experiments and information are also included in each story, and the "I want to know more" section at the end of each book will enrich the knowledge and open the prospective of the children. This series is a good reference for parents and kids alike. Get the companion series The Magic of Chemistry too.


Book Titles:
Solids, Liquids, and Gases (看我变变变—物质的状态)
Why Do I Fall When I Stop Suddenly? (不想变化的固执鬼—惯性)
The Hidden Science of Seesaws (跷跷板的秘密—平衡和重心)
What Is Electricity?  (我最闪亮—电的旅程)
Lifting Force (谁把飞机送上了天—风的力量)
Everything Falls to the Ground (全都掉到地上啦—重力)
Magical Light (美丽的七色光—光与影)
We're in Boing Boing Land! (来到了跳跳国—弹性和弹力)
Why Do Ships Float? (哗啦,哗啦,力量大—浮力)
Smooth or Rough? (滑溜溜,扑通—摩擦力)
You Can Even Lift an Elephant! (大象也可以被举起来—工具的原理)
Magnets Have Strength (咔嗒,咔嗒,粘住了—磁铁的力量)
From Hot to Cold (逃跑的热量—热传递)

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character, 33 pages/book, 8.25"x7.5"
Item: Everyday Science - Physics (13 Books)
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