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Utterly Amazing Earth BLC1004


From volcanoes and earthquakes to the water cycle and seasons, this interactive book brings amazing natural phenomena to life with pop-ups, pull-tabs, flaps, and wheels.

Young readers can go deep below the Earth's surface and discover earth-shattering facts with Utterly Amazing Earth. They can peer under the Earth's crust, discover why we have seasons, find out why earthquakes happen, and so much more. The book even features activities and experiments that kids can do at home—including building an erupting volcano. Together, the pop-ups, experiments, and bite-size facts ensure kids have different ways to absorb the information, no matter how they like to learn.

Perfect for little geologists, Utterly Amazing Earth is sure to fascinate even the most reluctant of readers.




Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, 31 pages, 11"x8.7"
Item: Utterly Amazing Earth
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