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Math Series BLC254


Math Series includes five learing books, young children will learn basic math concepts from these adapted fables and fairy tales. The exercises at the end of each book will strengthen young children's math skills. In Traditional Chinese charcters and Zhuyin.

本系列安排有趣的學習情境引起學童學習動機,結合數學和語文,同時提升孩子兩大學習領域的學習興趣和能力。改編自寓言, 童話故事,故事中融入數學概念,學習內容包含數與量、統計、平面與立體、倍數與分數等。打破刻板的數學學習模式,使數學學習變得輕鬆有趣。書末附有練習題,可視需要用以強化數學演練能力。

Book Titles:
Math Hug: Read Fairy Learn Math 数学抱抱:看童话学数学
Math Kiss: Read Fairy Learn Math 数学亲亲:看童话学数学
Math Donuts: Read Fable Learn Math 数学甜甜圈:看寓言学数学
Math Lollipop: Read Fable Learn Math 数学棒棒糖:看寓言学数学
Math Ferris Wheel: Read Story Learn Math 数学摩天轮:看故事学数学
Math Gate: Read Story Learn Math 数学任意門:看故事学数学

Paperback, Traditional Chinese characters with Pinyin, 77-87 pages/book, 10.25"x7.25"
Item: Math Series
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