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Inspired by Mathematics Series BLC280


Inspired by Mathematics series tells stories based on mathematics concepts to help children better understand. Each book in the series focuses on different concepts, for example, The Rushing Snail focuses on space and dividing a whole into parts, Can You Give Me Candy explains the concept of one or more, and Come Inside teaches the concepts of in and out. Each book includes a CD which allows children to read and listen to the CD, which allows them to learn the through listening as well.


Book Titles:
Rushing Snail 蝸牛快爬 - 空間和整體與部分
Can You Give Me Candy 可以給我一顆糖果嗎 - 多少和大小
Come Inside 進來裡面 - 裡外和上下
My Balloon is Flying Away 氣球飛走了 - 一樣、不一樣
Who Can Reach Farther 誰的比較長 - 長短和圖形
Bananas are the Best 最喜歡吃香蕉了- 配對和一一對應
What Fruit Trees Should We Plant 要種哪一種果樹 - 分類和統計
Giants Tears 大力氣巨人的眼淚 - 整體和部分
Lets Make Something 敲敲打打做做看 - 空間和圖形
What Color are You Wearing 穿什麼顏色的衣服 - 上、中、下的規則性
Crow Builds a Nest 烏鴉築巢 - 一到十的數量概念
Timid Kitty 膽小的貓咪 -建立大小長短的感覺

Paperback, Traditional Chinese characters and Zhuyin, 31-33 pages, 9.75"x9.15", CD

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