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DK Eyewitness! Children Start Reading Level 1 (20 Books) BLC827


The DK Children's Witnesses books are designed to stimulate children's interest in reading and science by featuring exquisite and colorful illustrations to complement the fascinating story - making a perfect combination. Each book improves children's reading skills by helping them seize points of interest, increase their knowledge, and develop good reading habits. This set of Reading Level 1 books is ideal for those who are starting to read independently, around the ages of 2-5.


Book Titles:

Whatever The Weather 多变的天气
Bugs and Us 我们身边的昆虫
Truck Trouble 卡车司机的一天
A Bed for the Winter 冬眠动物温暖的家
Rockets and Spaceships 航天飞机和宇宙飞船
Train Travel 乘着火车去旅行
Homes Around The World 世界各地的房屋
Born to Be a Butterfly 蝴蝶的一生
Diving Dolphin 小海豚的冒险
Let's Play Soccer 我们一起踢足球
Surprise Puppy 可爱的小狗
Day at Seagull Beach 海鸥的一天
Duckling Days 小鸭子长大了
Day at Greenhill Farm 绿山农场的一天
Tale of a Tadpole 小蝌蚪的故事
Busy, Buzzy Bee 忙碌的小蜜蜂
A Trip to the Zoo 哇!动物园
Dinosaur's Day 恐龙时代
Wild Baby Animals 野生动物宝宝
Animals at Home 动物的家

Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Character, 32 pages/book, Book: 9.5"x6.1" Box: 9.5"x7"
Item: DK Eyewitness! Children Start Reading Level 1 (20 Books)
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