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Web of Life Series BLC849


Despite its stark landscape and harsh climate, the Sonoran Desert teems with life. Hare, hawks, lizards, bobcats, badgers, coyote — all live among the desert’s fragrant mesquite and spiny cactus, and none can exist without the others. Madeleine Dunphy’s poetic text explores all the warm and native elements that make the American Southwest such a mystical place, while Anne Coe's stunning paintings portray the desert’s plants and animals as well as the dazzling colors reflected in the rocks and skies of the Sonoran Desert. Please click here for each title description.


Book Titles:
Here Is the Southwestern Desert 这里是美国西南沙漠
Here Is the Tropical Rain Forest 这里是热带雨林
At Home with the Gopher Tortoise 这里是穴居沙龟的家
Here Is the Wetland 这里是湿地
Here Is the African Savanna 这里是非洲稀树草原
Here Is Antarctica 这里是夏天的南极
Here Is the Arctic Winter 这里是冬天的北极
Here Is the Coral Reef  这里是珊瑚礁

By Madeleine Dunphy, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, 30 pages/book, 8.65"x 10.25"
Item: Web of Life Series
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