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Crazy Zoo (7 Books) BLC869


Join this rhyming safari and meet everyone from the elphing elephant to the gangly giraffe, and maybe even the terrible tiger! Rounded corners and sturdy board pages add to this great title!

疯狂动物园(全7册)大幅的跨页版面,画面颜色丰富明亮,笔触细腻,风格自由,充满了细节和童真的想象,具有超强的张力和表现力。 观感与原版书无二,译文富有韵律,孩子读起来简洁明快,很容易熟记于心。书中用幽默风趣、动感十足的诗歌,介绍了各种动物的特征、名称。让孩子在欢快的气氛中认识动物。书中除了“主角”动物,还有“配角”动物,提高观察力。比如寻找每一页中不显眼的小瓢虫、小蜜蜂和小蚂蚁。

Book Titles:
Rumble in the Jungle 丛林好热闹
Commotion in the Ocean 海洋多奇妙
Mad about Dinosaurs 恐龙太疯狂
Mad about Mega Beasts 大家伙好凶猛
Mad about Mini Beasts 小动物很勇敢
Farmyard Hullabaloo 农场真欢乐
The Lion Who wanted to Love 小狮子想要爱

By David Wojtowycz, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 24-29 pages/book, 12"x 9.4"
Item: Crazy Zoo (7 Books)
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