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Look & Learn Things That Go (6 Books) BLC904


This bilingual collection of STEM-oriented books provides fun educational opportunities to budding scientists and engineers. It contains 4 volumes
that cover animals, life, cognition, and exploration, with 6 books in each volume along with a MP3 CD. Written in easy text and packed with bright
full-color photograph, the books will sure stimulate children’s interests in STEM and inspire them to stay curious.


Book Titles:
Animals 奇趣动物
1.Ocean Creatures 海洋生物
2.Big Cats 大型猫科动物
3.Bears 熊
4.Birds 鸟
5.Bugs 虫子
6.Dogs 狗
Life 生命奥秘
1.Caterpillar to Butterfly 毛毛虫变蝴蝶
2.Baby Animals 动物宝宝
3.Peek-a-boo 躲猫猫
4.Pets 宠物
5.All About Me 我的身体
6.People 人
Cognition 认知益智
1.Match 连一连
2.Patterns 图案和规律
3.Opposites 相反
4.Same and Different 相同与不同
5.Colors 颜色
6.Shapes 形状
Discovery 探索发现
1.Look Outside 往外看
2.Look Up 向上看
3.Things That Go 交通工具
4.Dig 挖掘
5.Count 数一数
6.Let's Make Music 演奏音乐

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and English, 24 pages/book, 6.75"x6.75"
Item: Look & Learn Things That Go (6 Books)
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