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Science Solves It Series (24 Books) BLC944


Kane Press’s Science Solves It!® series merges fiction and science in storylines that intrigue youngsters and encourage them to observe, investigate, predict, and experiment! Young readers ages 5–8 will be inspired by the relatable characters in each story as they solve kid-sized mysteries and dilemmas.


Book Titles:
Almost Invisible Irene “消失”的艾琳
Bears on the Brain 神秘的脚印
Ant Attack 蚂蚁来袭
Bugged 烦人的蚊子​​​​​​​
Buried in the Backyard 埋在后院的骨头​​​​​​​
The Case of Vampire Vivian “吸血鬼”维维安
A Slimy Story 黏糊糊的礼物​​​​​​​
Butterfly Fever 蝴蝶狂欢节​​​​​​​
The Green Dog 水中的绿狗​​​​​​​
A Moldy Mystery 霉菌之谜​​​​​​​
What Homework? 植物寻宝作业​​​​​​​
The Longest Yawn 超级大哈欠​​​​​​​
Hocus Focus 眼镜事件​​​​​​​
The Nose Knows 鼻子都知道​​​​​​​
Ready, Set, Oops! 皮肤的学问​​​​​​​
The Midnight Kid 不想睡觉的彼得​​​​​​​
Picky Peggy 挑食的佩吉​​​​​​​
The Great Shape-Up 完美瘦身​​​​​​​
Werewolf Moon 满月夜狼人​​​​​​​
The Creeping Tide 淘气的潮水​​​​​​​
The Secret of the Circle-K Cave OK洞探险​​​​​​​
The Space Rock Mystery 石头从哪儿来​​​​​​​
It Came from Outer Space 从天而降的“宝贝”
​​​​​​​Whoa! UFO! 寻找飞碟

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 32 pages/book, 9x6.8
Item: Science Solves It Series (24 Books)
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