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IB Diploma Program Chinese A Literature Course Study Guide (2 Books) BLH232


This book is authorized to be published by IBO and it is based on the latest guidelines for the IB Diploma Program. This book gives a comprehensive introduction to philosophy, purpose, basic content and requirements of the International IB Diploma Program.


Book Content:

Part 1 IBDP Chinese A Literature Course Overview 國際文憑大學預科項目中文A文學課程概述
Part 2 Appreciation and Comment on Different Literary Works 不同文體作品的賞析與評論
Part 3 Appreciation of Film and Literature  電影與文學的賞析評論

Part 4 Comparative Analysis of the Works of Same Style 相同文體作品的比較分析
Part 5 Cross-cultural Interpretation of Translated Literary Works 翻譯文學作品的跨文化解讀
Part 6 Interpretation of Literary Classics 文學經典的跨時代解讀

By Dong Ning, Paperback, Simplified or Traditional Chinese characters, 10.8"x8.5", Vol. 1: 301 pages, Vol. 2: 239 pages
Item: IB Diploma Program Chinese A Literature Course Study Guide (2 Books)
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