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Chineasy Tiles - Play Games to Learn Chinese BLP346


Chineasy Tiles is an award-winning game built to inspire Chinese learning at homes and in classrooms for people of all ages and levels - from total beginners to Chinese masters!  Chineasy's visual-based methodology lays the foundation to reach basic Chinese literacy and makes Chinese characters much easier to understand and remember through beautiful design and storytelling.  With 150+ pieces in the box, Chineasy Tiles enables anyone to learn Chinese characters, phrases, sentences and beyond through 20+ fun and easy ways to play. Let’s play games to learn Mandarin Chinese! Game guides will be emailed to you upon purchase of the set. The 10+ games you can play using this set are: Bingo, Memory Game, Slapjack, Connect the Titles, Charades, Word Park, Storytelling, Bundle Up, Spot the Twins, Hint Hint, Art Projects, and Find it First.

  • Chineasy Tiles really Works! We’ve road tested with language-learners and collaborated with institutions to ensure Chineasy Tiles fulfills rigorous educational goals and a striking design aesthetic. We’re amazed that learners pick up Chinese characters so quick by associating images and meanings!
  • Playful Chinese for Everyone. You don't have to know any Chinese, anyone can play. Chineasy's methodology will help you lay a strong foundation for your Chinese literacy. Chineasy Tiles is designed for people of all ages and levels, from total beginners to Chinese masters! Perfect for homes, parties, and classrooms, open Chineasy Tiles to start with 48 essential characters, 200+ Chinese phrases, and embark your fun learning journey with Chineasy!
  • Premium quality of 150+ pieces. Chineasy Tiles includes waterproof paper board and cards as well as durable plastic tiles printed in full color to ensure years of fun. Chineasy Tiles passed standard consumer safety specification for toys and games. Each box comes with 48 cards, 100 tiles, 1 main board, 4 play boards and 1 cotton bag for you to easily organize your pieces!

Simplified Chinese and traditional characters, Pinyin and English, Box Size: 11.4"x14.5"x2.5", 48 Flash Cards 2"x2", 100 Tiles 1'X1", 1 Master Board, 4 Play Boards, 1 Cotton Bag
Item: Chineasy Tiles - Play Games to Learn Chinese
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