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TPRS with Chinese Characteristics BLS051


Have you read or heard about TPRS, but don't quite know where to begin? A little hesitant about teaching a "hard" language like Chinese using Comprehensible Input? TPRS with Chinese Characteristics summarizes fifteen years of teaching Chinese using TPRS/CI. Focused on classroom practice, the book presents tested, effective strategies and skills that will allow you to leave the myth of Chinese as a "difficult" language far behind your students. From tones, Pinyin, and reading instruction to writing prompts and output, TPRS with Chinese Characteristics fills in the gap between "traditional" Spanish- and French-focused TPRS training and the special challenges faced by students of Chinese.

By Terry T Waltz, Paperback, English, 176 pages, 9"x6"
Item: TPRS with Chinese Characteristics
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