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How and Why Wonder Books Vol. 5 BSA173


The timeless "How and Why Wonder Book" series is a collection of books on science, nature, history and the environment, aimed at capturing the imagination of youth. The books use rich and beautiful pictures, vivid examples, and language that children can understand, helping them learn complex scientific phenomena at a young age. The full set of books systematically and comprehensively covers an expansive variety of topics, including electricity, dogs, and stars!


Book Titles:
Ancient Egypt 神秘的古埃及
Ancient Greece 古老的希腊文明
Ancient Rome 古罗马生活
American Indians 印第安人
Ancient Castle 古老的城堡
Europe 欧洲风情
Great Explorer 伟大的探险家
Future World 未来世界
Dancing Notes 舞动的音符
Knight Time 骑士时代

Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, 48 pages/book, 11x9.1
Item: How and Why Wonder Books Vol. 5
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