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Where Are You Going? To See My Friend! BSB069


Starting at opposite ends of this bilingual collaboration, two popular children's book artists work toward the middle while telling the same tale in English and Chinese. A dog, off to meet a friend, invites a cat to come along, because "my friend is your friend." For the same reason, a rooster, a goat, and a rabbit end up tagging along; the "friend" turns out to be a child. Eventually, everyone meets to dance and sing across a central double-foldout spread. The text is brief and repetitive (speakers are identified by icons). Each artist illustrates his half in characteristic style; Iwamura's fetching, naturalistic paintings are softer looking and feature smaller characters than Carle's familiar painted-paper collages, but the artists' work merges without jarring contrast. The authors' remarks printed on the inside dust jacket will be lost to most children, but the tale's simple theme and unusual format make an inviting celebration of social and cross-cultural connections. In Traditional Chinese characters, zhuyin (15 pages), and if you flip it around, it's in English (13 pages). The traditional version comes with an Audio CD of the stories in English and Mandarin Chinese is included. The simplified version does not come with a CD and is only in Chinese.

By Eric Carle & Kazuo Iwamura, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters or Traditional Chinese Characters and English, 26 pages, 8.7" x 10.5"

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Item: Where Are You Going? To See My Friend!
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