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The Berenstain Bears Series 2 (20 Books) BSB204


 Now you can read the stories of the Berenstain Bears in Chinese! Follow the family of Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Brother Bear and Sister Bear as they come across different situations and see how they solve their problems. Some situations that they have include: See what happens when nobody does their chores at home. (Trouble with Chores) Brother and Sister Bear don't want to go to sleep at night. How will Papa and Mama Bear get them to go to bed? (Bedtime Battle)  Please note the English translation is included at the end of book.

Book Titles:
Slumber Party 睡袋晚会
Meet Santa Bear 遇见圣诞熊
Mama's Day Surprise 母亲节的惊喜
Trouble with Chores 麻烦的家务活
Bedtime Battle 睡前大战
Mad Mad Mad Toy Craze 玩具迷
Get Stage Fright 舞台怕不怕
Excuse Note 妹妹的假条
Report Card Trouble 成绩单大麻烦
Dollars and Sense 学会理财
Too Much Pressure 找回轻松
Visit the Dentist 看牙医
The Birds, The Bees and Berenstain Bears 小鸟,蜜蜂和贝贝熊
Hug and Make Up 抱抱别生气
Green Eyed Monster 甩开嫉妒心
Troublesome Pet 宠物真麻烦
Cook It 自己做做看
Draw It 自己画画看
Fly It 自己试试看
Grow It 自己种种看

By Stan and Jan Berenstain, Paperback, 17 pages/book, Simplified Chinese Characters and English, 8"x8"
Item: The Berenstain Bears Series 2 (20 Books)
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