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The Berenstain Bears Series 4 (8 Books) BSB206


This series of Berenstain Bears books contains simple stories and basic concepts that are humorously presented in rhythm and rhyme. The self-proving pictures help even the babies make a important connection between each word and its meaning. Please note the English translation is included at the end of book.

Book Titles:
Inside Outside Upside Down 里面,外面,倒过来
Bears on Wheels 车轮上的熊
He Bear She Bear 他和她
Old Hat New Hat 旧帽子,新帽子
Spooky Old Tree 恐怖的老树屋
On the Moon 去月球
Bears in the Night 小熊在夜里
Missing Dinosaur Bone 恐龙骨头不见了

By Stan and Jan Berenstain, Paperback, 29-38 pages, Simplified Chinese Characters and English, 9" x6.5"

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Item: The Berenstain Bears Series 4 (8 Books)
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