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Dingding and Dangdang - Traditional Chinese Toys Collection (5 Books) BSB391


For children, playing is learning. That s why all KidsJoy books are thoughtfully designed with plenty of opportunities to explore, individually and collaboratively. Both educational and playful, our products engage and stimulate young children with a rich variety of creative plays and multi-media channels, so the possibility for children to open their hearts to traditional Chinese culture is limitless.

This book series tells 5 vivid stories between Dingding and Dangdang, two good friends who explore Chinese culture in their daily lives with playfulness and fun. The stories naturally engages and inspires young minds in various ways.

  • Bilingual: beautifully written both in Chinese and English, this book suits families whether the parents can speak Chinese or not.
  • Reading-and- playing: hands-on instruction of how to make a toy, which encourages more activities after reading.
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  • Free coloring book inside the box!

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Book Titles:
The Beanbags 沙包运动会
The Little Rattle Drum 拨浪鼓, 咚咚咚
The Kite 风筝飞啊飞
The Tumbler 不倒不倒翁
The Shuttlecock 一起踢毽子

By Yao Chen, Illustrated by Yuran Hu, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character and English, 20 pages/book, 7.5"x7"
Item: Dingding and Dangdang - Traditional Chinese Toys Collection (5 Books)
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