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Interactive Story Series - 100 Words (3 Books) BSE281


Interactive Story Series is specially designed for parents and children. It encourages parents to read stories with their children as a way to strengthen their relationship. This series can also be used as teaching material for kindergarten students. With the 100 Words set, teachers are able to guide the children to relate the pictures to the stories. At the same time, teachers can also employ a question-answer format (questions are provided at the bottom of each page) to encourage the children to play different roles in the storiess. After practicing the role playing and story reading, the children will gradually learn how to tell a story on their own! This series consists of 3 books about children activities. Parents and teachers can also use the flash cards to discuss what's happening inside the pictures. Different stories can be applied in the same page and for learning purposes. The correct flash cards can be placed on top of the picture to reinforce learning. Get Interactive Story Series - 200 Words, 300 Words and 400 Words.

Book Titles:
The Ball is Coming Back 球儿回来了
Little Cat Catches The Little Bird 小花猫捉小鸟
Beautiful Butterfly美丽的花蝴蝶
Painting A Ball  画一个小球儿
Red Boat Ride 红红坐小船
I Want a Happy Little Bunny 我要小兔开心

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 15 pages/book, 7"x7"

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Item: Interactive Story Series - 100 Words (3 Books)
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