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Chinese Reading for Young World Citizens-Go Green BSE695


Chinese Reading for Young World Citizens is a series tailored for children based on the six transdisciplinary themes of IB PYP. It aims to help children learn Chinese by reading picture stories, and also to help develop their international mindedness.

《地球小公民系列汉语读物》系列基于IB PYP六个跨学科主题,为儿童量身定做,旨在帮助儿童通过阅读图画故事来学习 汉语,同时也有助于培养他们的国际意识。

Book Titles:
Maomao Loves Water - 毛毛爱惜水
Xixi Is A Special Princess - 特别的公主西西
Xiaoxiao Falls Into A Bin- 笑笑掉进了垃圾箱
Didi Goes To The Seaside - 迪迪去海边
Linlin Saves The Forest - 小林拯救森林
Mingming Stops Coughing - 明明不咳嗽了
Yueyue’s Special Garden - 月月的特别花园
Meimei And Dad’s Old Bike - 美美和爸爸的旧自行车
Kaka Cleans The Park - 卡卡清理公园
Lili Saves Energy - 力力节约能源

By Sri Ulina, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 40 pages/book, 10.25"x8.1"
Item: Chinese Reading for Young World Citizens-Go Green
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