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Golden Sun Silver Sun BSE697


Golden Sun Silver Sun is one of the series of outstanding original Chinese picture books inspired by our company. A long time ago, there was only one golden sun in the sky, and people lived at sunrise and sunset, and lived happily. Suddenly, a silver sun jumped out. The golden sun and the silver sun appeared in the sky in turn. There was no night, the weather was hot, the people could not rest, the crops were not harvested, and even the children became a lizard because of the sun. In order to save the people, the wise warrior Bavan took his young and strong son Vardan and the newly weaned grandson, Varis, to shoot the sun ... They went through many hardships for many years, Vartan and Varis I found the gap between the silver sun's rest, and started a fierce fight with it ... what happened? Can people regain a happy and happy life?


By Lai Ma, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters or Traditional Chinese Character, 44 pages, 10.5"x10.1"
Item: Golden Sun Silver Sun
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