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Chinese Festivals BSF039


This beautiful book introduces Chinese festivals differently from any other book. It illustrates each festival with colorful and beautiful ancient paintings, drawings, posters, papercuts, and more. In addition, each festival entry discusses the history, folktales, celebration activities, festival clothes, food and customs. Festivals include Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival, Bright, Dragonboat, Chinese Valentine, Moon Festival, Chinese New Year Eve, and more. The book covers a total of 20 festivals. In simplified Chinese characters only. Please click here for a table of contents.

一次中国民间传统节日的回望之旅,令人怦然心动,20个**传统意义的民间传统节日一一呈现。精选500余幅清末民初珍贵的历史图片,生动再现中国民间节日的盛典。 本书所用的形象资料,其来源一是考古发现的文物、壁画、雕刻等,这类资料虽然采用较少,但能把节日文化追溯到较古老的年代;地理古代文献中的版画、年画、画册等,这些资料反映了各个节日的诸多活动内容;三是民族学、民俗学、民间美术中有关的形象资料,如剪纸、民间神像、各种玩具、游戏、人体装饰等等。上述文化遗产,都是前人遗留下的,因此,《中国节——图说民间传统节日》应用是一种前人文化成果的吸收,在此应对资料的原创者们表示谢意。

Simplified Chinese Characters, Paperback, 255 Pages, 10.25"x7.5"
Item: Chinese Festivals
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