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Learning Chinese with Fun Big Books BSG220


Stories engage the minds and instill in children interest in learning Chinese. The stories cover eight common themes for preschoolers: self, fruits, culture, career, animals, food, transport and nature. Each theme is used throughout all three levels to reinforce learning. They are developed with the target readers' cognitive skills in mind to ensure that children are able to relate to the stories. The Small Readers are suitable reading materials for preschoolers while the Big Books facilitate in-class teaching.

通过有趣的故事培养幼儿学习华文的兴趣。 故事围绕8大主题编写: 我、水果、文化、职业、动物、食物、交通和大自然。同一主题不同年级,按照学生的理解能力从不同的角度呈现不同的故事。小故事适合当作学生读物,大图书适用于课堂教学。

Book Titles:
Nursery Series
Do You Still Love Me? 你还爱我吗
Red Fruits 红色的水果
Birthday Party 生日会
Veterinarian 动物医生
Greedy Little Monkey 贪吃的小猴子
I Like To Eat Chicken 我要吃鸡饭
Kids Talking About Cars 娃娃说汽车
Grandpa And I 我和爷爷

Kindergarten Series 1
Do Not Bully Me 不要欺负我
Fruit Pie 水果派
Happy Holidays 快乐的节日
The Monkey Clothesmaker 会做衣服的小猴子
The Brave Bear 小熊真勇敢
The Pride of the Eggs 鸡蛋的骄傲
Xiao Xiong Take a Plane 小熊坐飞机
It Is Going To Rain  要下雨了

Kindergarten Series 2
Goodbye and Goodluck 再见,来福
Fruit Doll 水果娃娃
Your Clothes are Beautiful 你的衣服真漂亮
Brave Little Elephant 勇敢的小象
Who Stole My Pizza  谁偷了我的比萨
Big Dinosaurs and Big Tummies 大胃恐龙
Who Is Fastest  谁最快
Insects In The Grass 草地上的种子

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 20 pages/book, 8 books/set, 9"x6.3"
Item: Learning Chinese with Fun Big Books
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