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Graded Little Language Learners Series (5 Books) BSG276




Book Titles:
Level 1 
Give You Flowers 送你一朵花
Why Are You Unhappy? 为什么不高兴
Will You Play With Me? 可以和我玩吗
I Look First 我先看
What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? 长大后干什么

Level 2
There’s a Big Plane in the Sky 天上有架大飞机
There’s a House on the Ground 地上有座大房子
There’s a Steamboat on the Water 水上有艘大轮船
There's Rhythm in My Hands 手里有个小拍子
There's a Sweetheart in My Heart 心里有个小宝贝

Level 3 
Don’t Be Late 千万别迟到
​​​​​​​What is One Plus One? 一加一等于几​​​​​​​
Spiders in the Classroom 教室里有蜘蛛​​​​​​​
Build a House Together 大家一起盖房子​​​​​​​
Teacher Goes to the Meeting 老师开会去了

By Zixia Jiang, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters,29 pages/book 7.3x8.3
Item: Graded Little Language Learners Series (5 Books)
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