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This Is My Book Guided Reading in Chinese Level 7 (30 Books) BSG287


This Is My Book establishes a system of reading levels based on the high frequently used Chinese characters from authorized Chinese textbook as well as the standards of International Curriculum for Chinese language Education by Hanban, China. 13 levels of Chinese reading set up in a range of 50 to 1,200 Chinese most frequently used characters. Reading text is leveled according to various parameters, including total character count, number of new words, sentence patterns, sentence length, and sentence complexity.

This set of books is the level 7. It contains 30 stories and each story is about 400 words.






Book Titles:
1. Growth and Development 成长与发展:
Qiaqia and Me 恰恰和我
Mary’s “Dad” 玛丽的"爸爸"
Striving for the Best 力争上游
Xixi Finds a Friend 西西找朋友
Tang Bohu Learns to Paint 唐伯虎学画
2. Social Studies 人文与社交:
An Unforgettable Visit to Japan 难忘的日本之行
Four Pieces of Candy 四颗糖
The Violinist on Holidays 节日里的拉琴人
Lion and Rabbit 狮子和兔子
The Best Little Actor 最好的小演员
3. Knowledge and Learning 知识与学习:
Touching Love 感人的关爱
Who Is Hero 谁是英雄
Clever Crows 聪明的乌鸦
Looking at These Children 看这些孩子们
Interesting Colors 有意思的颜色
4. Literature and Art 文学艺术:
The Most Popular Boy 最受欢迎的男孩
The Giant's Garden 巨人的花园
A Bohemian Dress 波西米亚裙子
Quenching Thirst by Thinking of Plums 望梅止渴
Eight Days a Week 一周八天
5. Natural Science 自然科学:
Newton’s Apple 牛顿的苹果
The Tornado Chaser 追龙卷风的人
The Balance Beam and Ballet 平衡木和芭蕾舞
The Story of a Windmill 风车的故事
Where Does Tap Water Come from 自来水从哪里来
6. Social Science 社会科学:
City Life 城市的生活
Days in the Countryside 乡村的日子
The Happiness in Suburbs 郊区的快乐
Colorful Advertisements 多彩的广告
Saving Water, Starting from Me 节约用水, 从我做起

By Zhining Chin, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin, 9 pages/book, 9"x6.9"
Item: This Is My Book Guided Reading in Chinese Level 7 (30 Books)
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