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Chinese Family Chants BSL207


This collection is perfect for those who want to know a modern Chinese writer who composes and chants classic metric poems. The artist is engaged in an art form that very few practice today. In addition to composing and chanting the poems, he actually uses calligraphy to write his own poems.
The collection includes traditional metric poetry and classic calligraphy by Yongjun Ruan. In China today, collections of calligraphy and poetry are abundant and easily found. What distinguishes this collection from all others is that the calligraphy pieces are all original poems composed by the author himself (except one piece of Small Case calligraphy).  Such work is rarely found in contemporary China, thus making this collection unique.
Chinese calligraphy is the artistic vehicle for classic Chinese characters. Not many calligraphy artists have enough courage to venture into classic characters. Thus, in addition to being unique, this collection has special academic significance. It offers a valuable reference to those who would like to expose themselves to Chinese classic characters.

By Yongjun Ruan, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 80 Pages, 11.2"x8.25"
Item: Chinese Family Chants
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