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New Concept Children's Math Storybook Series 1 BSM032


Learning mathematics is an important way to promote human intellectual development, and from birth to 6 years of age is the best period of time to do so. Getting children to develop mathematical skills at an early age is essential. Because of the cognitive and social characteristics of young children, mathematical knowledge is limited to visual  thinking, as logical reasoning ability is weak at this stage. Children can not fully understand and grasp abstract mathematical concepts, so how children learn mathematics has become an interesting field of study and research. This series features different stories that teach several mathematical skills and conepts, helping any child to learn math while having fun! 


Book Titles:
Hide and Seek 海底捉迷藏
Half Half 你一半,我一半
Special Christmas Tree 最特别的圣诞树
Greedy Frog 贪心小青蛙
Big Eye Frog 胆小大眼蛙
Magical Square Box 神奇的方箱子
Squirrel Dudu and Pine 松鼠嘟嘟和小松果
Who Stole Maomao's Strawberry 谁偷走了毛毛的草莓
Meow 吱吱吱,喵喵喵
How Tall is Kuke 量量酷克有多高

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 30 Pages/Book, 9.25"x8.25"
Item: New Concept Children's Math Storybook Series 1
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