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A Chui and A Dan's Pleasant Day (Spatial Concepts) 阿锤和阿蛋愉快的一天(空间概念)
Architecture Tour with Grandpa (Architecture and Mathematics)  我和爷爷的建筑之旅(建筑与数学)
Birdies Fly In (Multiplication) 鸟儿鸟儿飞进来(乘法)
Du Ling Village, No. 168 (Comparisons)  都陵村168号(比较)
Grandma's Red Skirt (Parts and Whole)  奶奶的红裙子(部分和整体)
Gugu and Dandan's Dream (Combining and Subdividing Numbers) -鼓鼓和蛋蛋的梦想(数的合成与分解)
How Did People Count in The Past? (Counting History) 过去的人们是怎么数数的呢(数数的历史)
How to Avoid the Evil Cat (Charts) 避开恶猫的方法(图表)
My Beautiful Ruler (Length Units and Measurement) 我家漂亮的尺子(长度单位和测量)
The Best Vegetables (Measurement Tools) 最棒的蔬菜(测量工具)
The Countries' Breakfast (Fractions and Distribution) 各国的早餐(分数和分配)
My Day (Time ) 我的一天(学看钟表)
The Day the Princess Came (Area Comparison) 公主殿下来的那天(面积比较)
The Disappearing Dad (Planes and Solids) 寻找消失的爸爸(平面和立体)
The Messy Witch City (A-B-C Modes) 乱七八糟的魔女之城:A-B-C模式
The Spider and the Candy Shop (Statistics and Probability) 蜘蛛和糖果店(统计与概率)
The Three Bread Princesses (Measuring Tools) 面包公主三姐妹(测量工具)
Where the Point and Line Meet (Point, Line Area) 点和线相遇(点-线-面)
Who Eats First? (Sorting) 让谁先吃好呢(排序)
The Story of Time (Telling Time) 时间的故事(时间)
Becoming a Good Father (Time)  成为好爸爸(时间)

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