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My Puzzle Books BSO114


This series  Puzzle book for children interested in dinosaurs, giving them a puzzle solving experience that helps them learn better Chinese and makes a fun learning experience as well. The books in this series are back to back puzzle solving learning experiences that enhance a child's cognitive capabilities and excites them with vigorous illustrations and complicated problems. "My Enlightenment Puzzle Book: Busy Traffic" classifies topics according to the type of vehicle used, and includes jigsaw puzzles of the vehicles. Other books in the series also include, animals, a book about family and another about transportation.


Book Titles:
Fun at the Zoo 好玩儿的动物园
Busy Traffic 忙碌的交通
Baby's Family 宝宝的家
Traveling for the First Time 第一次上街
Friendly Farm 热闹的农场
Dinosaurs Coming 恐龙来啦

Boardbook, Simplified Chinese Characters, 72 pages/book, 9.6"x9.6"
Item: My Puzzle Books
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