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Board Books from Suse MacDonald BSO180


Turn the cut-out pages and see how shapes become a dinosaur in this board book from Alphabatics creator and Caldecott Honoree Suse MacDonald!

What am I? I lived a long, long time ago. I had round eyes…lots of sharp teeth…

This concept book from Caldecott Honoree Suse MacDonald presents a thrilling geometric puzzle: as readers turn the brightly colored pages, cut-out shapes come together to reveal a creature from long ago. Circles transform into eyes, diamonds transform into scales, and by the final, fold-out spread, the collage-style art has evolved into a friendly Brachiosaurus!


Book Titles:
Dino Shapes 变出一只大恐龙
Alphabet Animals 字母动物园
Circus Opposites 颠倒马戏团
Swish! Dash! 哗啦!哗啦!鱼儿游

By Suse MacDonald, Board Book, Simplified Chinese characters and English, 20 pages, 7x7
Item: Board Books from Suse MacDonald
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