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Peppa Pig: I Have Good Character (5 Books) BSO201


This set of books is a phonetic version of a story based on the well-known British animation "Pig Pig Page". It is aimed at children 4-6 years old and focuses on the "I have good character" center. Stories are entertaining, and children learn to develop excellent morals in happy reading. At the same time, the text is annotated with pinyin to help children gradually transition from parent-child reading to independent reading. This book is a five-volume set, including five stories, "Hamster Veterinarian's Turtle", "Library", "Musical Instrument", "Grandpa Pig Playground", and "Ballet Lesson". It helps young readers develop a sense of responsibility, speak honesty, Learn to discover the virtues of self-worth, "following the rules", "behaving elegantly and politely."

本套书为根据英国知名动画《小猪佩奇》创作的注音版故事,针对4-6岁儿童,围绕“我有好品德”这一中心,讲述了一系列小猪佩奇生活中发生的故事,寓教于乐,让孩子在快乐阅读中学会养成优秀的品德。同时文中加注拼音,帮助孩子从亲子阅读逐渐过渡到独立阅读。 本书为5册套装,包括《仓鼠兽医的乌龟》《图书馆》《乐器》《猪爷爷来游乐场》《芭蕾舞课》五个故事,帮助小读者养成“有责任感”“讲诚信”“学会发现自我价值”“遵守规则”“举止优雅有礼貌”的好品德。请点击查看分册介绍。

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Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character and Pinyin, 32 pages/book, 8x8"
Item: Peppa Pig: I Have Good Character (5 Books)
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