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The Stray Dog BSW1043


When a little dog appears at a family picnic, the girl and boy play with him all afternoon, and they name him Willy. At day's end they say good-bye. But the dog has won their hearts and stays on their minds.

The following Saturday the family returns to the picnic grounds to look for Willy, but they are not alone -- the dogcatcher is looking for him, too...

Caldecott Medalist Marc Simont's heartwarming tale of a stray dog who finds a home is told with appealing simplicity and grace.

一家人去公园野餐,发现了一条流浪狗。孩子们和狗狗开心地玩了一整天,并给它取名为“威利”。傍晚,他们依依不舍地跟威利道别。 奇怪的是……回家后的整整一星期,这家人心里都惦记着这只流浪狗。  直到下周,他们再一次来到公园寻找威利。不巧的是,捕狗大队的人也在搜捕它……

By Marc Simont, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, 28 pages, 10.9"x8.75"
Item: The Stray Dog
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