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Henry's Stars/ Henry's Map BSW1166


Henry's Stars: One beautiful evening on the farm, Henry stares up at the sky. As he looks from star to star, they seem to form a picture. He sees it! A great big starry pig! Henry can’t wait to show his friends. Yet instead of seeing the Great Pig’s ears, legs, and curly tail, the sheep see a woolly body . . . the Great Sheep! Abigail sees the Great Star Cow, of course, and the chickens spot Heavenly Hens flying all over the place. Henry is frustrated. Why don’t the others see what he sees? 

Henry's Map: Henry is a very particular sort of pig. "A place for everything and everything in its place," he always says. But when he looks out his window he is troubled. The farm is a mess!  Henry is worried that nobody will be able to find anything in this mess. So he draws a map showing all the animals exactly where they belong.  And Henry embarks on a journey through the farm, his friends tagging along as he creates his map: sheep in the woolshed, chickens in the coop, the horse in the stable. After the map is complete, Henry uses it to bring himself back home, where he is relieved to know that he is exactly where he belongs. A place for everything and everything in its place, indeed. 

亨利的星星: 一个宁静的夜晚,亨利抬头仰望着星空,天空中的星星好像是连成了一个巨大的图案,他仔细一瞧,原来是一只超级大猪!他兴奋地去找农场里的伙伴们分享他的大发现,但令他意外地是大家伙看到的竟然完全不一样!他们有的看到的是绵乎乎的羊,有的是甩着尾巴的牛,甚至还有飞来飞去的母鸡呢,这到底是怎么回事呢……

亨利的地图: 亨利是只爱干净有条理的小猪,他的小猪窝总是整整齐齐,井然有序,就连他脖子上的小红巾也一定要打成漂亮的蝴蝶结。这天,亨利看到农场乱糟糟的,这让他心烦意乱,他决定要想出一个办法,来拯救这个秩序混乱的牧场,让所有的小伙伴们都各归其位!

By David Elliot, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 40 pages/book, 10.25"x8.5"
Item: Henry's Stars/ Henry's Map
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