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Where Do Machines Sleep at Night? BSW1217


The bedtime rituals of these little diggers and dump trucks will be quite familiar to kids saying goodnight. Young readers will surely identify with little fire engines, tractors, and monster trucks as they ask for one more story while their mommy trucks tuck them in, and their daddy trucks sing a goodnight song. Children who can't get enough of trucks and other vehicles will love Brianna Caplan Sayres things-that-go...to sleep books.

Have you ever wondered what little trains do when it’s time for bed? Same things you do! Steam trains, freight trains, subways—and more!—wash up, have a snack, load their teddies for storytime, and get rocked to sleep by mommy and daddy trains beneath a blanket of stars. Little one-track-mind train lovers will be tickled to see how bedtime is just the same for their favorite vehicles as it is for them. 

Have you ever wondered what little airplanes do when it's time for bed? Jumbo jets, biplanes, helicopters--even Air Force One!--power down, wash up, and listen to stories with mommy and daddy planes beneath a blanket of stars, getting ready to fly to dreamland. Little airplane lovers will be tickled to see how bedtime is the same for their favorite flying vehicles as it is for them, as they come down to earth for sleepy time.




Book Titles:
Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night? 挖掘机晚上睡哪里?
Where Do Steam Trains Sleep at Night? 蒸汽火车晚上睡哪里?
Where Do Jet Planes Sleep at Night? 喷气飞机晚上睡哪里?

By Brianna Caplan Sayres, Illustrated by Christian Slade, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, 26 pages/book, 8.25x10.25
Item: Where Do Machines Sleep at Night?
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