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When Sophie Thinks She Can't BSW1275


When Sophie couldn't solve math problem, she felt unintelligent and frustrated, and shouted, "I can't do it!". The next day Sophie came to school with negative emotions, and Murray explain to students that people are not inherently intelligent, but need to exercise the brain. The teacher came out with a math problem. Sophie felt it was difficult and thought she could not do it. But after continuous thinking and trying, did she make it? An inspirational story where practice brings progress.

菲菲因為無法解決數學難題時,覺得自己不聰明而且很沮喪,大喊著:「我做不到!」。隔天菲菲帶著負面的情緒到學校,莫瑞說向學生解說,人並非天生聰明的,透過鍛練大腦才有可能。老師出了道數學題,菲菲覺得很困難,認為自己做不到,但經過不斷的思考和嘗試,菲菲最後做到了嗎? 一則練習帶來進步的勵志故事。

By Morrigan Aensland, Hardcover, Traditional Chinese characters, 44 pages, 10x 8.85
Item: When Sophie Thinks She Can't
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