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The Berenstain Bears Series (21 Books) BSW944



Book Titles:
New House 搬新家
See a Doctor 看医生
Temporary Auntie 临时阿姨
Messy Room 乱糟糟的房间
Mama's New Job  妈妈的新工作
Watching too Much TV  电视看得太多了
Baseball Game  棒球比赛
Boys and Girls 男孩女孩
Go to the Supermarket  去超市
Nightmares  做噩梦了
Forest Camp 森林露营
Halloween 万圣节
Thanksgiving 感恩节
Mom and Dad 当一天爸爸妈妈
Bully 小霸王
Our Family 我们家
I Fell in Love With Football 爱上足球
Love the 1st 爱心一日
New Friend 新朋友
Dinosaur Fossil 恐龙化石
Clear the River 小河变清了

By Mike Berenstain, Stan Berenstain & Jan Berenstain, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 27-30 pages/book, 8"x8"
Item: The Berenstain Bears Series (21 Books)
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